Sunday, December 27, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas

John and my second Christmas married proved to be another special couple of days. This year, we decided to go to Mom and Steve's house on Christmas Eve, since we go to my grandma's Christmas morning, and John's parents' Christmas evening. It makes for a busy couple of days, but it is really special to experience Christmas as we grew up with it with the ones we love.

We started out at one of my favorite restaurants ever for some excellent New York Steak and mashed potatoes. I love my family. It was just the five of us - Mom, Steve, Carly, John, and me. And the pets, of course. :) (minus Sophie - our more shy kitty, who wasn't quite as present as these three).
I love my mom's house at Christmastime. She always transforms the entire home into Christmas with such simple touches. One day I will have lots of little decorations to transform our home - at this point, it's just the living room. :)

The tree with presents under it is always magical. Each present is uniquely wrapped and beautiful.
I got some of the funnest stuff! This beautiful necklace, a super cute vest, and a fun glove/scarf/hat set...Simon also got some fun ribbon to play with. The cute thing about my pets is that they love Christmas as much as I do. They all come lay all over the wrapping, and Simon plays with it until it's gone.
I'm so thankful for my amazing family and a special Christmas Eve. Thanks for making it so perfect, Mom.

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