Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Groceries, flowers, and marriage

Every couple months, J goes with me to the grocery store. Sometimes that means Costco. Other times Target (often times). Others, Traders. Sunday, it meant good ole Vons. We headed down the street to the local shop and began to scour the aisles with list in hand.

I love doing things with John. Especially the simple things. I think that's what marriage is about. The simple things. That's really what life is about. The moments.

We walked up and down every aisle... a few times (who knew the peanut butter would be with the tea?). We laughed and J drove the cart and I called out the next item on our list. And we came up with a number of additions. After all, it IS baking season.

And we spent quite a lot. And it was so fun and so worth it. And J said, "gosh it's good I went because now I know why it's so expensive!" I laughed, thinking "that's what I was thinking!"

And J bought me flowers. Actually, I stopped at the flowers, picked them up and said, "I love these flowers. I would like these flowers. Wouldn't they be pretty together?" And J said, "ok." I love my husband. He takes hints. ;)

These flowers reminded me of how cool marriage is, which reminded me of how cool God is. This flower is beautiful, all on it's own. It shines and it's purpose is to grow and bring joy to the faces who see it. But then when you put it with another flower, or another color, and change the perspective a bit, it becomes that much more beautiful. And it can be used. In a home. To bring joy and smiles daily.

Thanks Lord for your beautiful creation. I love that we can bring a tree in our house and it makes me think of you. I love that these flowers remind me of your grace. There is beauty in brokenness. Thank you for allowing us to see glimpses of you in the small things.

On a lighter note, the latest Emma photos.

Emma awake and excited.
Emma sleepy and ready for bed.
Happy Tuesday!

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