Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I choose Faith

Lately in my quiet time and in my women's bible study,
I've been learning about faith.

I'm learning that faith requires both believing and obeying. And that unbelief is sin. Faith pleases God

I'm reminded that trials will come. And that I am to be faithful through them
I must know His Word. I must choose to live by faith.

I'm learning about the rest of faith. Kay Arthur {incredible woman} says that 
the rest of faith is uniting the Word of God with faith for a particular situation. 
In every situation, I want to take what I know is true based on the Word of God, and then apply faith. 
I want to trust that God's Word is TRUTH. I want to believe God. I must believe God. 
And I must walk in obedience to His Word.

So many times, I have chosen to {not completely} trust God. 
To {pretty much} have faith {except for the little part that doubts}. 
To {worry instead of} rest in His promises. 
To believe {lies more than} the truth. 

But God is faithful even when I am not. He knows my heart, and He loves me regardless of what I think or do. 
He loves me even when I choose the passing pleasures of sinful words, thoughts and actions over the rest of faith.
He has given us His Word to live by. He has revealed His character to me. 
He spoke the world into existence. I have no problem believing this. 
Yet, I doubt His power in little life situations.

I am choosing to live by faith. 
I am choosing to rest in faith. 
I am trusting God. 
I am believing God. 
I choose to know the Word. 
I choose to obey God. 
I choose the Truth.

"For in just a very little while, "He who is coming will come and will not delay. 
But my righteous one will live by faith. And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him." 
But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved."

Friday, October 21, 2011

Capture the moment

"just cuddling, dad. we're best friends."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

3-Day Update

You might remember {or have contributed to} Mom and I are walking the 
Susan G Komen 3-day for the Cure this November.
As in, next month. 
29 days, to be exact.

Two goals:
1. Raise $2300 each --- CHECK!
2. {train to} Walk 60 miles in three days... {In Process}

Again, I am SO thankful to all of my family and friends, old and new, who supported me financially in this endeavor. Breast cancer is SO prevalent in our society, and every dollar raised makes a difference in the fight to find a cure, educate women, and diagnose and treat EARLY. 

As for training, we are kicking it into high gear now that we're getting down to the wire.

Mom and I have been walking our behinds off these past few weekends!
{except for last weekend, when I sat by the pool all day while she walked 18 miles up and down the coast}
Our together-walks have been mostly weekend mornings. 
The last two we did together: 12 miles Saturday followed by 7 miles Sunday.
The next weekend, 9.5 miles Saturday and 6.5 miles Sunday.
Mom last weekend: 18 miles Saturday and 5 miles Sunday {she rocks}

This weekend... 17 miles Saturday. {not sure how many Sunday yet}
My mom is such a good sport to walk so far two weeks in a row with me.

How am I feeling?

I'm excited at this amazing opportunity.
I'm nervous at the thought of walking through exhaustion and blisters and such.
I'm motivated by my mom's commitment.
I'm humbled by the stories I've heard from fellow women and walkers and their connection to breast cancer.
I'm thankful for health and the opportunity to walk with my mom while we can.
I'm amazed by God's grace and the intricacies of His creation.
I'm awestruck at the details I notice when I'm walking that I would never see from my driver's seat.
I'm blessed by the extra time I've gotten to spend with my mom.

It's crazy how many emotions can be felt in such a short period of time.
I know the walk will be the culmination of all the efforts and all the emotions.

This is a life changer.
I can't wait!

A few photos from some recent walks
{they aren't perfect or very many since i'm trying not to interrupt walks too often to stop, turn fanny pack, take out camera case, take out camera, turn on camera, frame photo, snap picture, check picture, put camera back in case, zip up fanny pack, re-situate fanny pack, continue walking... that adds a lot of minutes ;)}

{comment about below photo: yes... i recognize my fanny pack is lopsided. 
i am still trying to locate the perfect second water bottle to balance it out. 
then it will be just right.}
 {we'll be ready by November 18th... don't worry... ;-) }

"The Lord will guide you always;
he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."
Isaiah 58:11

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sista Sistas in Palm Springs

This weekend, my sister and I took a much needed mini-vacay to celebrate her 21st birthday,

After a few long weeks, it was the perfect rest and relaxation time.

Friday evening, I picked her up from school 
and we stopped for {amazing} burgers and a gorgeous sunset 
and a gorgeous sunset 
before heading out to the desert.

When we arrived, I {well, the amazing resort employee} worked a sweet upgrade 
{thanks for the suggestion so long ago, Mark!}

Since we got in pretty late, we got into our pjs,
painted our nails,
and had dark chocolate while we watched a movie in bed.

The next morning, we picked up coffee at the local coffee shop at the resort
and then headed to the pool for the day.
It. was. awesome. {minus the incredible sunburn Carly got... sorry sis}

After a day of lounging at the pool, we took baths in our jacuzzi tub
before heading over to one of the yummy restaurants at the resort for chicken fajitas.
On the way, we met this sweet couple who swapped us photo for photo.

We {read: I} fell asleep to another movie classic.

Sunday morning, I enjoyed some time with Jesus
before we got ready to check out.
But not before taking some self portraits.

I dragged C to a {cute!} local coffee shop
and the farmers market
before heading out past the {thousands of} wind mills
to the {huge!} outlet center.
We each found a few fun outfits for great prices!

It was a wonderful weekend of relaxation, laughing, chatting, tanning, shopping and eating.
I love spending time with my sister
and it happens not often enough.
I'm so thankful we had these two nights together!

I love you sista! 
Again soon! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

94 years of joy

Yesterday was Grandmama's 94th birthday. 
We celebrated her on Monday evening with dinner, dessert, a few gifts, 
and her little brother's visit to see her from Texas!

The wall of this restaurant reminds me I want to go to Italy.
 Grandmama and Uncle Bob
 Me and J
 Me and Grandma
The {blood} family. So sweet :)

Possibly my favorite part of the evening was watching Grandmama interact with her brother. 
They hadn't seen each other in years and they are the only two surviving siblings, so it was so special. 
I loved listening to them tell stories and watch them listen to each other and remind each other of fun memories. 
I smiled watching how similar their mannerisms were. 
And I snapped too many pictures of the way he cared for her.
 He seriously is the sweetest and funniest man. We got quite a kick out of each other!
I am so glad I had the privilege of meeting Uncle Bob :)

 Reeses ice cream cake just for you!
 make a wish...

Grandmama, It was so special to spend time celebrating YOU.
You are such a unique, thoughtful and funny woman and you make me laugh.
I'm so proud of you.
I love you!!
Happy birthday!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the chopping block

J and I have been going through a series of life changes over the last few months.
It's been a challenging and humbling time of understanding God's grace in a whole new way.

The combination of "a whole new J" process that's happening and the "it's time to follow the budget" process we're working on led to the most recent decision.

That, and J just wanted to. 
And I am all about change. 
Sometimes, it's just what you need.
Besides, he's so stinkin' cute anyway, I knew he'd rock the look. 
Like his little bro :)
So I said, let's go baby!

So, we headed to Target last Thursday night and picked up a head buzzer/shaver {whatever they're called}.
Then we went home and I buzzed my baby's hair off.
And he looks GOOD!!!

OK... the photos.
before :)
the weapons supplies
 he had every faith in me. i was nervous. 
"babe we have to use the longest blade first in case I mess up!"
"no, J, just go for it! you can do it!"
 locks of love?

 he's soooo cute!!!
 emma initially wasn't sure, but the pups quickly warmed up and then were pretty excited.

Babe, I've always told you you can do whatever you want.
That I believe in you and will support you no matter what.
[unless it's crazy dangerous or something... :)]

I'm so proud of you for doing something different,
for being bold,
for stepping out and saying,
change is important. change is good.

I love you.
and you are oh-so-handsome ;-)

{ps: the shirt j's wearing?
the tribute to steve}

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend moments

This weekend was rockin' full of memorable moments.

book release with ymc girls
welcoming october
amazing late-night prayer with a friend
new dishtowels for a friend who needs them
a bathroom rug for free -- kohl's cash cards... holla!
encouraging vision meeting with ymc friends
authentic carne asada and guacamole
two long walks with mom
new coffee shop
michaels browsing and sale shopping ($5 baby, i am good! :))
discovering the best chocolate chip cookies in. the. WORLD.
a brief unexpected sister visit
2-hour family nap time
feet up on the sofa
sweet homemade iced tea
fall crafting
grocery shopping with j
homemade dinners all weekend and a new recipe
dog walks
laughing out loud
planning/dreaming seshs with j
drumming my fingernails on the table (i know you understand, c)
yummy smelling home
clean towels, sheets and clothes
spotless bathrooms and a clean kitchen
vacuumed floors and a clean cage and fresh food for luigi
finding $20 and birthday gift cards
date to starbucks
figuring out a few christmas gifts
new pens (thank you arie!!)
organized kitchen cabinet filled with beautiful mugs
j's hands playing his guitar
jimmy robeson's cd over and over again
answers to prayer
incredible ymc time
celebrating small goals met
a [mostly] empty evening calendar for the week ahead
studying the word
serving the God of the universe
remembering He loved me first