Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let's get together

3 great things about today:

1. It rained. Almost all day.

2. John came home. After 5 days apart!

3. We were invited to a super fun Christmas party by our friends, Dan and Erin. We know Dan and Erin from college. Erin and I were on the same hall sophomore year. Dan and I were in choir together. We also met up with one of our favorite couples, and two special friends, Ali and Anna.

I love getting to see friends. I love catching up and hearing about life for the past year, and it being totally natural. Thanks so much, Dan and Erin, for welcoming us so warmly into your home and showing us what friendship means.
Ali and me
Jessi and me
The four Js - we get to decorate cookies with these lovely people this Thursday. A treat for finishing the semester :)
The crew
Us with the hosts
I am so excited to make Christmas cookies with these two this Thursday. Jessi is one of the most creative people I know, so it will be fun. She made these sweaters. :)
I love friends.
I love Christmas.
I love that Christmas brings friends together.

God, you sure thought of everything, didn't you.

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