Sunday, December 6, 2009

A SeaWorld celebration

J and I created a tradition. SeaWorld holiday nights. It's hands down the coolest thing ever. And that's based on a huge crowd and Shamu. Just imagine if I had seen everything.

Friday night, we went with our friends Mark and Katie. I was thankful that Mark drove, since there were about a zillion people there. We laughed as Katie and John said had it been just two of them, they would have turned around and gone home. I thought, good thing you guys married crowd junkies. :) I love people. Events. Being a part of something bigger than me.

So we stayed. Because I had to see Shamu. I have this thing with the Shamu show.

I love it.

I am pretty amazed by whales. Especially killer whales trained by people. Killer whales are an amazing part of God's creation, and I love to watch them. Some think it's cheezy. I'm the one who cries every time the whales come out. I love them.

So once we squeezed our way into a parking spot (thank you Lord for free parking!) and measled our way inside, got stopped from going to see Clyde and Seamore, the seal and sea lion (can you believe it was full ten minutes before it started), I began booking it to Shamu, an hour early. Needless to say, it was so worth it. The whales are amazing. And huge.

J said he'd buy me this hat if I wore it to get our Christmas tree. I said, of course. I would love to. Being that it was buy-1-get-1, he matched me. :)

Funny story. The hosts/singers came out, and wouldn't you know but I knew the lovely lady singing!
Crystal was in choir with me in college. She sure can sing. Michael W. Smith at that! Thank you SeaWorld, for recognizing the reason for the season, and not being afraid to proclaim that.

I love SeaWorld.
[we will definitely be doing this next year ... just maybe not opening night...]
I love animals.
I love the water.
I love car trips.
I love Fridays.
I love friends.
I love my husband.
And I love Christmas.

Thank you, Lord, for sending your Son.
Thank you for the gift of Christmas.

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