Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hiking... oh wait

Yesterday morning, the pups and I decided to have a little adventure.
Well, really, I decided to take them on a little adventure.
So we piled up in the car and headed out to Mission Trails
in search of the "family friendly 1.7 mile circle trail."

But not before a pit stop at Petsmart for a portable dog bowl.
Which was actually really amusing because it was Baker's first time at the pet store.
He was SO excited.
I would've taken a picture but I kinda had my hands full.

So we went to the trails. Mind you, this was my first time there.
All I knew was "Cowles Mountain... and some other little trails out there"
but I had a map and we were headed to the Visitor's Center parking lot,
and the trail was "right there."

We ended up walking around looking for the trail for a half hour.
Do you think they could make it a BIT more obvious for those of us 'not-regulars'?

We went to the Visitor's Center and I asked for directions.
Yep, I was that person.
The man had this huge map and highlighted the thing like it was Christmas. Then told me to "look for the two posts. Right is down hill. Left is up hill." Ok... sure... no problem.
Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about, but ok.

Well, we never actually found the trail. Because by the time I picked a place to walk for a little bit, Emma decided she was done. And, like usual, Baker followed suit.

Needless to say, we didn't actually find the trail we were looking for.
At least, I don't think we did.

But we did drive the scenic route out, and we did find this.
I wish I could say we were hiking all hard core when these photos were taken.

But actually, we were just sitting in the car admiring God's artwork.
Seriously, divinely beautiful.

Oh well. It's not like I'm heartbroken. At all, really.
Next time I'll find it. :)

I do know the pups slept all day. Which is a good sign.
But man, I gotta work them up to longer trips.
Em and I are gonna do a 3K one day! It's on the bucket list :)

This morning, we're headed to the lake for Baker meets Frankie, part two. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The meaning behind the 'moments'

This blog was created as a way for me to document life's moments,
however great or small, so I never forget.
But why Moments?

I grew up with my mom and my little sister. Just the three of us.
We've had so many adventures, I can't even begin to recall all of them.
But through them all, we've cherished each other.
And we've managed to laugh in the midst of difficult times.

This is all credit to my mom.
She is the inspiration behind my blog.

My mom remembers so many moments when we were young,
difficult and sad, joyful and glad.
And in the small things, she would say,
thank you Lord for this moment.

Whether it was holding me as I fell asleep,
watching Carly ram into me like a punching bag,
laughing, laughing, laughing at the dinner table
(which we still do to this day. dinner is a time of laughter, reminiscing, and special moments remembered and created),
picking me up from school and hearing about my day,
hugging each other...

she would say thank you Lord for this moment.

Years later, my mom's approach to life still dwells deep in my heart.
It's not about the huge accomplishments, the productivity, the promotions.
It's about the moments that create each day.

My mom has an amazing gift of recognizing special moments
and treasuring them.

I want to be like that. I want to treasure the moments.
However small or big. However good or bad. (hopefully good).

This is a diary of my life,
a snapshot of what I see and experience daily.
This blog is a lens into my memories, hopes, fears, and daily blessings.
My prayer is that it inspires you to take hold of the moments.

And in that moment, to say
thank you Lord for this moment.

I found this little piece of art last week, and I think it sums this up quite nicely.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friend near or far

Ali and I have been friends since day one of college.
Well, and the summer before when we had phone dates to plan our room.
But that doesn't really count, because she thought I was an Indian surfer
and I thought she was a tiny blonde girl.

We were soooo far off!

Nerves were high until our first night together as roomies.
We stayed up late talking about life.
Me in my yellow bed, her in her purple bed.
I knew we would be great friends.

Four years later and roomies all the way,
we got married.
She moved across the country
and our friendship became twice-a-month phone dates
[the action part, not the heart part].

Time passed and seasons changed,
and she made it back to San Diego.
We got to be roomies again for a short while.
Most special summer ever.
And then our time together became once a month coffee dates
instead of the difficult time change phone call.

I love spending time with this girl
even more now than I did on day one.
Thank you, Ali, for being the kind of friend
who asks the hard questions,
who reminisces about what was and what is,
who takes me to random hole-in-the-wall places,
who celebrates the big and small things,
and who loves me no matter what.

I'm thankful to have the kind of friendship
that changes through the seasons and grows stronger over time.

Last week, we met up in her new hometown for a fun breakfast and shopping adventure.
(photo sparsity due to my dying camera battery that only cooperated when it wanted to)

Thanks for a fun date, friend. I love you!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Letters from the little ones

Dear Mom,
I'm so sleepy. Thanks for this awesome lovesac.
It makes naptime so much better.
Love, Baker boo

Dear Mom,
It was Baker's idea to eat the trash. I told him not to.
Love, your perfect sweet Emma 

Dear Mom, 
It was my fault. I love knocking over the big white thing.
Love, your favorite little Baker

Dear Mom,
We really love each other. And we love living here.
Thanks for rescuing us. We'll be good next time. You can trust us.
Love, Em and Bakes 

A bag of apples, please

May I recommend a fun fall activity? 

Armed with Starbucks, we headed up to the orchard Saturday morning with our friends,
Dwain and Jaclyn, to meet some YMC friends for some apple fun!


the apples.

Jorden and Jennifer

Ari and Daemey

Jeremiah and Kelsie

Dwain and Jaclyn

Hubby and me!

The girls

We found a tractor randomly in the middle of the orchard :)

 After a fun morning, we headed back for a gorgeous ride home... 

but not without a few stops.

10 minutes, 5 loaves, breakfast bars, and a cheese puff later...
(don't worry, we didn't eat it all at once!)

We continued down the road and found ourselves at the sweetest little cafe for lunch.

What a fun and festive fall activity.
I love doing new and exciting things.
This was a great adventure and it was so fun to share it with friends.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's party time!

Since my sister changed decades this year, we had some good ole fun after she and her roomie came home after school.

1st: Manis and pedis with Mom, Carly, Monica and me ;))

2nd: Outback Steakhouse with us + Steve, J, Grandma and Grandpa

As my mom says (one of my favorites):
"little presents throughout the day because you're special in every way!!"

Grandma and I somehow ended up with the hugest burgers ever :)

3rd: Mud pie, more presents, and kitty play time at home

 ah, we are sisters. mud pie is a family favorite :)

roomies :)

Steve was preparing to cut the mud pie :)

mom made carly a handmade gorgeous apron! it's sooooo cute. 
i didn't even know my mom did stuff like that!! you are so cool, mom.

kitty play time!
sophie being brave

simon in wrapping heaven

he's such a good sport

the fam!

4th: family co-birthday dinner with Caitlin at Aunt Sylvia's house!

Hope you had a great birthday, sis!
I love you so much and am so blessed to have you! 
Best sis and friend in the world.
My hero!!!