Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 1 of vacation for 2

John and I are on vacation! 3 weeks! J took some time off while I had a break from school, and yesterday was his last day of work. He works so hard all the time, so I was so proud of him for taking time off. He hasn't done that in quite awhile.

I am beyond excited to look ahead at 3 glorious weeks with my husband.
My sister and brother in law are in town.

I love December!

To celebrate, I finished my Christmas shopping... and wrapping! Now we get to look at all of the presents for one whole week. I can't wait to play Santa and deliver these beauties to their rightful owners on Friday.

And look how many Christmas cards we have gotten! Thanks all who sent one. I really love cards and get so excited when one comes in the mail. Christmas cards are especially fun because I get to display them for all to see. In some sort of haphazard way. :)
I love the perfection and chaos of Christmas.

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