Thursday, December 3, 2009

Signs of December

This is my favorite season. Thanksgiving. Winter. Christmas. Scarves. New beginnings and new years. Our anniversary. November, December and January are three months filled with joy.

It's 3 days into the month, and Christmas is well on its way.

I got these cute address labels in the mail. My first Etsy purchases!

Christmas music has been accompanying me in my car since the day after Thanksgiving.

I am baking zucchini bread. Two loaves this time. December somehow makes bread sound so yummy. And makes the house smell yummy. And that much homier.

Cider Celebration tonight. I sang in choir in college and just loved it. Mostly because of Dr. Dan Jackson. He is one of my favorite people. But also because of Cider Celebration. And it's tonight (and tomorrow). And I'm going.

SeaWorld Christmas with J, Mark and Katie. Friday. A Shamu Christmas show. I can't wait. I'm the one who cries in the Shamu show. Because how amazing are those whales. And how amazing is the God who created them.

Clay Associates
holiday sale. I used to work for Jaci, who is one of the nine fabulous designers and crafters (although, J and I both feel she is the best, in the most unbiased way). We have gone to her show every year for the past three years, since I've known Jaci. We are planning on stopping in again this Friday.

We are getting our Christmas tree Saturday! Maybe not the 8 foot one from last year (it proved to be a bit of a challenge on the clean-up end), but a beautiful one. And we are decorating. J will put the lights on it. And I will untangle them. Just like I did for my mom every year growing up. And we will decorate our house. And put Christmas lights on our balcony. I have been waiting since January when we took it all down... I have resisted doing Christmas stuff and have studied instead... but Saturday, Christmas comes to our home (officially).

And this is just week one of December! Too bad I'm still in school... two weeks and I'm halfway done with nursing school!

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