Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life as I've Known It: the Recap {Jan-July}

Well hello, July. It's nice to see you... 
except you mean we are already 9 months into 2012. 
that means I have not even posted one blog per month average.
i.     a. m.     l. a. m. e.

-- so a quick life update with the basics of what has happened since 2012 --

John and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
We also launched a season of home improvement projects 
{read: we tore the house apart... and then had to figure out how to put it back together :)}

We shared many meals with many friends and I celebrated pregnancies of friends.
We continued our home remodeling.

My dear college roomie married her new bestie.
We continued remodeling.
J and I traded in our vehicles for a gorgeous F150 and cute green focus.
J flew to Oregon for a job interview and to visit our best friends.
I got a promotion at work and said goodbye to the family I've grown to love {at least goodbye to daily hellos}

I began working full time as RN Case Manager.
J got a job offer for his previous position at Point Loma... and took it
{read: we decided to stay in San Diego!}
We attempted to close out our remodeling project... minus a few loose ends.
J's brother and sister in law moved from San Jose back to West Virginia where she is from.

We had a bible study reunion when Katie and baby Elle came to town from Oregon.
My beautiful sister grew up and graduated college and we celebrated quite a bit.
We went to our friend's wedding and I finally met his beautiful bride {aka: my twin}.
My sister got a puppy... which means we gained a niece!! 

I interviewed for and received an offer for my dream job... a NICU nurse.
The puppies got summer cuts.
Sam and Valinda visited and we had a lot of fun hanging with them.
We celebrated J's 26th birthday.
Steve won 2 grammys for the amazingly awesomely creative commercial he crafted.
I finished out my time at Western Health HomeCare {love those girls}.

I had a bit of downtime between jobs in which I obtained a gym membership, went shopping, saw the Padres play, and hung out with my sister a lot. Thank you God for vacation :)
I discovered Wicked, the musical. I am in love. Go see it... you must. It is anything but wicked.
I started my new job as a NICU nurse at Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

It has been a crazy few seasons of change, challenge, blessing, and joy.
I have been reminded time and time again that God is so SO faithful!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Capture the Moments: Ava

Meet my sister's precious puppy {and my favorite niece of all time}.
Meet Ava.