Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday moments

25 merry moments that made up my Monday:

1. Waking up to rain. And it staying all day.
2. Sitting in traffic with all the other commuters because of the rain, smiling and singing Christmas music.
3. Ben and Curtis staying at Point Loma for the power outage so J could come home (at 10pm) and get ready for his trip tomorrow.
4. J coming home happy.
5. Coming home to a beautiful standing Christmas tree and intact presents after a long day of Emma home alone.
6. Pet stockings.
7. Burning four candles.
8. My red blanket and matching red pillows.
9. Emma's bark at the delivery man outside our door.
10. Christmas packages in my mailbox and on my doorstep.
11. My last mental health, pathophysiology, and nutrition classes... just the finals now!
12. Knowing that in less than 48 hours, I will be done with clinicals for the semester.
13. An email saying we get out three hours early on Wednesday.
14. Christmas lights.
15. Coffee, tea, and ice cream. At least one must be present on any given rainy day. Today, I had all three.
16. My car was waiting for me after class and did not get flooded out of the parking lot and down the river.
17. I didn't get stuck in the 7 foot puddle blocking the exit to our parking lot at school, like another car did.
18. Luigi and Emma on the same couch being good.
19. Looking forward to a donut for breakfast tomorrow when I get them for the crisis house.
20. The heater. The sound of it turning on. Signaling it is colder than 70 degrees.
21. Target miniature products.
22. Beautiful gift bags and ribbon.
23. Finishing an article I've been trying to finish for 3 days for rehab class.
24. An "excellent" on the rough draft of my big paper. Maybe my comm degree did count for something :).
25. An hour with my husband, beginning now.

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