Saturday, December 19, 2009

The cookies were nestled so perfectly on their plates...

This Thursday, we had the privilege of going over to our friends' house, Jessi and Jeremiah. J & J are two of our favorites. We are the J-Mc's. (credit to Jessi for that). The four J's. Jessi and Jeremiah are the kind of friends you can be real with. Jessi has been sick this week and we got there to her baking cookies and them both in their sweats. I love the sweet simple life they lead. And we were so blessed to spend time with them celebrating Christmas.

Jessi is probably the most crafty and creative people I know, so it was no wonder that her cookies were utterly adorable.
And my cookies :)
And the beautiful frostings we spent precious minutes mixing to make just perfect. We ended up with a nice mix of greens and golds. Just like Jessi's plates. And Christmas tree. :)
She is the best.
They simply adored our cookies. Their faces were priceless.
I love friends. And I love Christmas. I love that Christmas brings friends together to do simple fun things, like decorate cookies. And talk and laugh. Thanks J&J.

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