Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home sweet home

I am in the middle of a whirlwind. 

Last week, I had school and frantically finished a few assignments,
took 2 tests (both of which were fairly unsuccessful and remind me how much i have to learn in the next few weeks),
and headed to West Virginia to watch my brother in law marry my new sister in law,
whom i love.
My RD from college passed away from cancer on Friday.
We arrived home at 11:10pm Sunday night
i did a load of laundry, unpacked, and repacked,
and I headed up to Murrieta at 6am Monday morning
for 3 days for a HESI review (practice for nursing boards).
I stayed up there this week (and was again reminded how much i have left to learn),
thank you Carly for coming to visit me. i love being with you.

oh and one of my profs requested that i plan a party for my cohort
cuz somehow i've been named the party planner.
not that i mind.... but really, now?

Today, I arrived home around 5:30pm.
Emma and Baker smothered me with love. i sure missed them. definitely the longest they've been without me. and me without them.
J met me with a hug, kiss, and huge smile
then left to pick up his fam from the airport
and brought me home dinner.
thanks, hun.

My aunt is in the ICU,
so tomorrow sis and I will go visit her.
and then i will give blood. hopefully successfully. since i'm gonna be a nurse and all, i figure that's a good thing to do :).
And then head to bible study to spend time with the girls and Jesus.
oh, and do laundry and grocery shopping, and some other things like that somewhere in there. 
oh, and homework too.

Friday, I will have coffee with my mom, whom i haven't seen in forever and miss like crazy.
Friday night we will celebrate her birthday with my family.

Saturday, i will prepare for three 12.5 hour night shifts in a row...
saturday 7pm-7:30am ... sunday ... monday.
i've never worked nights, and i've never worked more than one 12 hour shift in a row. so this will be interesting. much prayer requested :).
I will miss the holiday weekend with my hubby, and the 4th of July service at church ... which i LOVE.
I will sleep for a few hours Tuesday,
and Tuesday evening i will go to class.
and somehow, a few large assignments will get completed by monday. and tuesday.

I would like to say I'll get pictures from these things and more up here on the blog.... but reality says I probably won't.
since this entry is barely presentable in it's layout, and i'm leaving it just the way it is.
3.5 weeks... finals... then no more nursing school.
but right now,
it's crunch time.

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26 

"Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 3:13-14

Saturday, June 26, 2010

When they said "I do"

Guess who got married today...

Congratulations Sam and Valinda! 
Hooray for an awesome sister-in-law! 
We love you guys and are so happy for you.

Much more wedding coverage to come. :)

Birthday festivities

To celebrate J's birthday this year, we had a lovely get-together at his parents' house with our families.

Aren't they cute? (the grandmas and my parents ;)

Emma was in heaven with all her favorite people in one room.

And J got fun presents! Gift cards, music software to go with a little piano, a CD, and a giant LoveSac that basically set the stage for our office remodel!!

Baker and Emma were quite the little helpers. So much so that I dressed Baker up with a bow.

Which didn't last very long...

And of course a few family photos :)

Photography courtesy of my lovely and talented sister

whom we love so dearly :)

For J's actual birthday, we were pretty low-key since we were traveling early the next morning for little bro's wedding :). We went out to old faithful and he got a CD, t-shirt, and little scrapbook.

And then we stayed up until 1:30am getting ready for the next morning...

Happy birthday Honey! I love you with all my heart and love celebrating YOU!

Friday, June 25, 2010

In loving memory

Today, a special family said goodbye to a very special lady.

Pat was my resident director (RD) during my junior year of college when I was an RA. She was a woman of strength, love, compassion, and hope. And she loved Jesus with all her heart.

Pat suffered over the past year from a relapse of breast cancer that metastasized. She fought a long and hard battle, with her amazing husband, Howard, alongside her. Her two daughters, Sara and Amy, went to be with her last Sunday - just in time. She chose to go on Hospice on Monday.

Pat showed so many what it means to have hope in the midst of difficult times. She was an inspiration to me, along with her family. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to gain wisdom and insight from her.

Pat has been in good spirits during this entire battle. She has always been full of laughter and life. We had so much fun with her as RAs. Her joyful and genuine spirit was infectious.

You are so missed Pat.

But how amazing that you got to meet Jesus today.

To honor one who served

This past Monday, we went to Pat and Oscars in honor of Brandon Bury, a marine who lost his life fighting. They were donating 50% of the proceeds to his memorial. Thanks Mahea for telling me about it!

I love when restaurants do things like this. And I love our military. And their families. I'm so thankful for those who fight for our freedom.

Thank you Bury family for your sacrifice.
And thank you Pat and Oscars for a lovely date with my husband.

And the cutest piece of pizza you've ever seen. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy birthday, Sweetheart!

Today my husband is 25 years old. 

I love you honey. 
I love who you are.
I love how you are with our family of critters.

I love how much you love me.

Thank you for being you.
And for marrying me.

Happy 25th, sweetheart.

Bring on the day's festivities! ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

June in full swing

[sidenote: this post was meant to be written on june 1st, but, well, life has been a bit crazy. so here we are celebrating june on the first day of summer... 
happy 1st day of summer!]

I have never paid much attention to June. It was kind of the lull month to summer, with no special events, and I often left the beautiful city of San Diego for the summer. So sometimes it was kinda sad.

Until I met my husband.

John loves June. Since I have known him, he smiles brighter on June 1st. And throughout the month, I will hear comments out of his mouth such as "ahh, June gloom" ... or ... "that shouldn't have happened, it's June" ... or ... "it's the most beautiful month of the year." At least once a week.

And I love that. And I have come to recognize a few special things about June, thanks to J.

- June brings gloom. It's true. I never really paid attention. But over half of the days so far this year have been gloomy! I love that.
- June brings summer. And surprisingly, and contrarily, I almost like it. I like the clear sunny skies without the dead heat. And June has had some lovely days.
- June brings my husband's 25th birthday!!
- June brings many other events in my married family: my father-in-law's birthday, my in-laws' anniversary, and this year my brother-in-law's wedding.
- This year, June brings nearness to the end of nursing school.
- June brings the first days out by the pool (not for me though. i haven't visited the pool or beach all year. but august, look out.)
- June brings the longest day of the year. I love daylight!!

June is actually pretty cool. :)

Much to do

Dear Blog,

Sorry for my lack of posts this past week. We are headed out of town this week, and things have been crazy trying to get ready for the trip and get caught up in school. I know you know I would much rather hang out with you then do school stuff. I have much to tell you, though! Thanks for sticking around... only 6 more weeks of school and then you and I are going to take our relationship to the next level. :)

Love, Jordanna

Friday, June 18, 2010

Peaks of the Week

finishing community health clinical
understanding ABGs
finishing critical care clinical
2 great nurses
coffee bean with joy
a paper [almost] done
huge chat with j
clean teeth, courtesy of mom ;)
starbucks with mom
emma and baker play time
walks with the pups and hubs
banana bread
clean laundry
the best dog sitter ever
effective communication with my EENAP panel friends
bible study with the girls
friday night with hubby

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend moments

Bridal shower for one of my Bible study friends. [Happy wedding Angie! Hope you guys are having a great time on your honeymoon!]
Sleeping in... sort of (thanks for holding it until 8, Bear)
Pancakes and super yummy bacon for breakfast
Lunch with a close friend at our spot
Selling our desk
A special church service
Our sink drains again - thank you Drano!
Young marrieds cafe
An [almost] A on my quiz
Semi-productivity with homework
J's fish tank accomplishments (thanks for making it clean and pretty hun!)
Dinner out
J in project-mode
New sheets (that actually aren't that soft... oh well)
Luigi's new cage! (coming soon)
Sweet email from my school nurse
A happy husband :)
My sweet puppies

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

From country to contemporary: Our second bedroom remodel

[sidenote: I just wrote that title in APA... gosh I've been in school for too long]

Well, after being a homeowner for 19 months, we remodeled a room.

Not like, we-knocked-out-the-walls-and-added-a-fireplace kind of remodel, but more of a repainted-and-got-new-furniture kind of remodel... which totally counts under the category of 'remodel' in my opinion.

This was it before. I really did love it. Especially the red and yellow colors, and my bed. And I love my husband for letting me paint and decorate it how I wanted.

But it was time for a change. Not that we didn't make a few changes along the way. :) But I am fond of change. I get bored with my environment rather easy, and I really love color, so my ideas combined with J's idea of a "totally modern and contemporary room" created a new masterpiece.

At least, we think it's a masterpiece.

Besides, I really like new furniture. And I needed a bigger space to do my homework. And J's desk was a little wobbly. I sadly said goodbye to my beautiful little bed and J to his desk, and we went to work. I like working on projects with my husband.

Baker helped. Until we started painting. Because he wanted to help a little too much. [Did I tell you he broke into the trash the day after this... the trash with blue paint rollers in it... and painted his paws... and our carpet? Oh. He did. But it's ok because he's cute and we love him.]

We were good little shoppers and came home to assemble desks and such by pictures. (if you haven't tried assembling Ikea furniture, make sure you put words to the pictures and make sure you're using the right parts... you know, just in case).

And somehow, it all came together! Minus some wall art (a wall isn't complete without wall art, which J is slowly learning) and a few other little things, it's pretty much there!

His and Hers.

and a filing cabinet (gosh we are such grownups that this thing is almost full) and a cute box to organize my wrapping supplies ... yay!!

Super fun and slick. "Modern" as J calls it.

Call it what you want, darling. :) It's different and I like that.

For now. Until I get stir crazy and want something different. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karl and Donna

Last weekend, we got to witness John's cousin, Karl, marry his sweetheart, Donna. It was neat to see a full Catholic mass combined with the Filipino culture and a wedding ceremony. :) Afterward, we had a lovely dinner (gosh I love chicken breasts) at the Darlington House. Honestly, I love that place. Maybe because such special people got married there not so long ago. It was so fun to share with Karl and Donna in their special day.

I taught Grandmama how to self-take pictures. She's such a good sport :).

J and I are experts at it. ;)

Karl's sisters have the cutest little girls ever, and they were all totally into the cake.

(have to be honest... I stole this picture from Karl's sis on facebook. Thanks Abby!)

Congratulations, Karl and Donna! We're so excited for you!

These two don't mess around. A week later (yesterday), Karl graduated from medical school and became a real live doctor. I would LOVE to be his nurse! He will be awesome.

Congratulations Dr. Balch! So proud of you!