Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy birthday Arie!

Aristoula and Jordanna.
Arie and Jay.
A and J.

That was us in high school. Where Arie was, Jay was. We said we shared a car since we rode everywhere together. I had two families on my street. Mine and hers. I still do. And she had two families too. Still does. We have each other's house keys. :)

We were different. I was as American as they come, and she just as Greek. She was a waitress, and I couldn't balance a tray to save my life. She loved red. I loved green.

But we were the same. We both were obsessed with perfection... highlighters, pens, color coordinated notebooks, biology learning logs, the works. We both were outgoing and loved the medical field. We both loved white chocolate mocha frappuccinos - one with whip cream (mine) and one without (hers). The Starbucks lady knew our order. I think we went everyday. And how many times one would get a call from the other, "hi... ahhh meet me half way." And we would sit on the curb between our houses and chat about life.

Years go by and things change, but friendship remains. She lives in Greece now. We got married. It's kinda different being so far away. Yet, every time we talk, it's like the conversation never ended.

Thanks for being my buddy Arie. You are my favorite Greek girl. I love you. Happy 24th birthday!

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