Saturday, July 12, 2014

All About Rachel: 14 weeks

she is talking up a storm!!! (even with hiccups!)

she likes to do sit-ups and practice standing

she loves to look at, smile at, and hold hands with Maddie

she is such a content baby to play on her playmat on her own or with others

she is in a mommy mood and is being a bit picky about who gets to hold her, which started when she got sick for the first time this past month.

she went swimming for the first time in Grandma's pool and liked it! she never cried!

she has laughed a few times and it is oh so cute!

she smiles a ton!

she clasps her hands together tightly and brings her hands to her mouth often [I often have to break her grip to feed her!]

she's got the strongest little head and neck and is rocking tummy time!
she is so affirming of Maddie! "we can do this sissy!"
she loves her other twin, daddy!

she still loves her swing and has started snuggling with her blanket/stuffed animals sometimes when she's sleepy... love her sweet spirit

She got to visit her bouncer toy for the first time... she pretty much hung out like this the whole time. i was cracking up - she is so tiny for it!

Rachel has my heart.

All About Madelyn: 14 weeks

she got to play in her bouncer for the first time this week! she is so interested!
she is so social!! first restaurant outing to Mimis and she wanted to sit on mommy's lap and look at the menu and all the yummy food

her hands (and Rachel's hands!) are in her mouth all the time... teething already??

she likes to be in the water! we took her in the pool this week, and she was so fascinated by the water, she wouldn't stop staring at it.

she really enjoys books and reading

she love love loves her sissy. they smile at each other and Maddie is constantly reaching her head and body and hands to Rachel. they hold hands almost constantly. which of course melts mommy's heart.

she isn't too into drinking water... we did try it [per pediatrician suggestion] but we'll keep trying

she laughs! she is so squirrely sometimes, making the funniest faces! she cracks me up! love when she scrunches her nose
love how she scrunches her nose!

she is sleeping through the night! between 8-9pm to 6-7am almost every night!

she is fascinated by the camera!
selfies with auntie carly!
she held her own bottle for the first time this week

she got sick for the first time this past month and handled it like a champ, with lots and lots of sleep, mostly in her swing which she loves so much

she likes to stand... to do sit-ups and 'stand-ups' now... sit-ups aren't quite exciting enough!

she loves daddy!

Maddie is seriously SO fun!!