Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shout Out: J's video skillz

Last week, my hubby worked super hard to take some video of the kids at church
during their vacation bible school... aka... Summer Blast.

He's a rockin' photographer and an incredible videographer.
And these kids are seriously precious.

Just wanted to share.
Because he's awesome.
VBS is awesome.
And I helped him pick video clips ;)

I'm just not skilled enough to make this little video any bigger on this blog :)

I'm so proud of my husband
and how he is following the Lord
using the talents and vision God has given him for video ministry.

Monday, July 25, 2011

[Struggling to] Connect the Dots

Some days, I don't have much to say.
Some days, I simply have scattered thoughts grasping at each other
but often unable to connect to form words.
At least, words that seem to have much meaning.

Tonight is one of those nights.
Reflective of where I have been.
Where we have come from.
Where we are going.
Where I am today.
The purpose for it all.
Sometimes feeling nostalgic, sometimes regretful,
sometimes scared, sometimes excited,
sometimes unsure, sometimes peaceful,
oftentimes thankful, always blessed.

In the midst of my chaotically simple thoughts,
one is clear.
I am oh-so-thankful that the Lord gave me John to walk through this life with.
My full-time buddy.

He makes me smile.

I'm so thankful we get to grow up and grow old together.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Connected by Christ

Last night, I had the privilege of spending the evening with the ladies from my Bible study last year. 
To say the least, it was much needed and oh-so-special. 

top: jess, me, katie
bottom: angie, joyce, jenn
[thanks for the photo, j]

I seriously adore these girls. 
adore them.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two by Two

Tonight, J and I hung out with our pals Mark and Katie.
"Our last supper" as Katie said... with a smile.
Because she is due to have a beautiful baby girl in just nine days.
And then it will be: John, Jordy, Mark, Katie, and Elle.

As we shared a meal together,
J commented on our journey as friends over the last three years.

M and K were our first friends we made since getting married three and a half years ago.
We met at church, K and I through a summer ladies' study.
We went through nursing school together.
Took a few Palm Springs trips together.
Many a night of Catan playing while listening to one of Mark's music mix CDs.
Meeting their pomeranian Frankie... getting Emma, and then Baker.
Moving. Changing churches. Graduating. 
Losing jobs. Searching for jobs. Getting jobs.
Sharing life together.

And now, they are about to welcome baby Elle into their family.
And then move to Oregon.
Fortunately, we get to visit them this November :)

It's such a blessing to be able to journey through life alongside friends.

M and K, thank you for being our first married friends.
Your encouragement and love for each other and for the Lord is inspiring and challenging.
We are so excited to meet your sweet Elle in just a few days.
You are going to be incredible parents.
She's a blessed little girl.

And we can't wait to see you in your new home... as sad as we are it won't be San Diego... 
maybe we will join you one of these years :)

"Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family."
Proverbs 18:24 (the Message)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Although my J had to work much of the weekend,
there were still many joys to come out of these last couple days.

trip to the gym
yummy steak dinner and puppy play time at my parents' house
late night starbucks run
a little blogging {no more trip blogging, i promise... until next time ;)}
staying up late and sleeping in
meeting sweet new neighbors
celebrating kristina's twins in her tummy with the ladies in my condo complex
two eight-month-old girls playing
sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine
sweet texts from friends
italian on the town with my baby
redbox movie night complete with popcorn, red licorice, and sno caps
hugs from good friends i haven't seen in awhile
conversations about marriage
cleaning off a few countertops
michaels shopping trip with J
puppy cuddling
hubby-wife cuddling
instagram fun
spontaneous target run with mom
visiting my special friend's brothers
women's world cup... always proud of you USA girls. you did great.
watching snippets of aristoula's wedding - 1200 people there! for her!!
a little reading
a few ice cold glasses of water
grocery shopping at a few stores... wheelin' and dealin' ;)

So very thankful for the short two days that provide a bit of mental and physical rejuvenation.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

{san fran/san jose}: In Good Company

While it was definitely fun to explore a bit of Nor Cal, 
having family there made it that much more special.

J makes everything better.
Sam and J reunite... long lost brothers :)
our little McGovern family! 
Valinda's brothers and sisters
and parents, all from West Virginia
We had SO much fun with Sam and V. They totally showed us around.
how cute are they??
a spontaneous family photo in Los Gatos, taken by muah.
Father and his sons together for a birthday lunch celebrating him
McGoverns + Bishops = fun memories
V's older sis Val and her hubby Daryl - he's so funny!
my pretty mother in law and me
V and her little sis Vanessa
my baby and me on the town
they were really good at smiling, and I like them, so I took a lot of pictures of them ;)
father sons in Los Gatos
 we miss you Sam and V! we're ready to come visit again :)
J and K, both looking lovely
Kris and Sam
McGovern family photo, all together now :)

To the Bishop family: It was so fun to share a vacation with you guys. You are a special family who loves to laugh and make memories. You are so welcoming and open to trying new things. Thank you for dinner on Saturday... OPA! Can't wait to see you again! Take care of WV and we'll watch Cali :)

To John and Kris: Thank you for a fun trip. It was so great to have everyone together and do some different types of things around San Jose together. K, you put together a lovely brunch on Sunday - thank you! We love you guys. We're lucky because we live in the same city, so we'll see each other soon :) Happy 60th, John!

To Sam and Valinda: Thank you for letting us stay with you, for patiently showing us around your home and going in stores you've been in a hundred times so I could get a picture. We loved spending time with you, laughing with you, identifying with you, and sharing pieces of life with you. Your marriage is something special. You are gracious to share your first anniversary with us :). Let's do this more often.

To my John: You are the best vacation buddy ever. I seriously had so much fun gallivanting around the city with you, exploring new places, laughing, taking [tons of] pictures, shopping, chatting, and holding hands with you. Thank you for being so flexible and so willing to try anything. It made all the difference. I love you with all my heart. Another vacation soon, yes? ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

{san jose}: the Sights... and a little shopping

J and I fell in love with San Jose. Why?

Venture Christian Church.
S&V go to church here and Sam is their sound/marketing extraordinaire
 Sam's office
 J helping set up
 the service

The scenery... green green green!!
 can I pleaseeeee live in this house?

A bride sneaking through the parking structure :)

 Downtown Los Gatos
i wanted one of these. [plane flight home+no kids yet] held me back.
i came across this store ran completely by volunteers - all profits donated to a children's organization
i WANT these ice cream tall cups in the butter paddle... all four colors please ;) 
when we went back to get them, the store was closed :(
J spotted an apple store in the center of the cuteness
he was pretty excited ;)
we took V's sis and bro-in-law in for their first time... Daryl was a kid in a candy shop :)

 mastiffs at the park outside the farmers' market

Santana Row... aka most fashionable and fun district in SJ.
{a tiny bit snooty... hence the lack of pictures... but such a perfect date!!}

enough said.

We saw so many fun places, picked up many trinkets {so many that we had to ship them home!},
and made some great memories with each other and with family.