Monday, January 5, 2015

Nine Months of Twinsies

On January 1st, Maddie and Rachel had their nine-month birthday!
NINE MONTHS! That's only three away from ONE YEAR!!
Goodness I can't believe how fast time goes.
And yet I am so thankful for each day we have together. 
These girls make me laugh every single day.
They are totally interacting with each other, social laughing, talking, playing together.
They LOVE bath time, their little play tables, music, books, eating, and watching the dogs play.
Maddie is such a confident little crawler and Rachel is the fastest little army crawler around.
No teeth yet, but they'll be here soon I'm sure!
Current favorite places to explore include: the dog food/water bowls, Rachel loves the cords under daddy's desk, Maddie loves pulling everything off mommy's nightstand, and they both enjoy behind the toilet and on the bird cage. {So basically, all the dirtiest/most dangerous places in the house. hehehe!}
They love their stroller and sit up so seriously as if they are driving it.
Rachel won't keep headbands or hats on anymore (it used to be switched), 
so Maddie is flying solo with the headband in this photo sesh.
I snuck the numbers on and am amazed they didn't notice and actually left them on for a bit this time. We had to distract them with toys to get them both to hold still for longer than 5 seconds.
They are so busy and SO MUCH FUN!!!!