Monday, December 21, 2009

Moments past and moments to come

So far, this break has been super special. What have I done?

- Dinner with John to celebrate me being halfway done with school and vacation for us :)
- Slept in until 9am (thank you Emma!)
- Finished Christmas shopping and wrapping
- Looked at Pepper Drive Christmas lights with my husband and Starbucks
- Had a lovely coffee date
- Got an early Christmas present ... more to come on that ;)
- Had sushi with my very special friend and her awesome sister

And what am I looking forward to?

- Coffee with Mahea
- Christmas baking
- Haircut with my favorite hair dresser from Nor Cal, Kelli
- Grocery shopping with hubby
- Julian with John
- Christmas eve church
- Family time

And this is just the first week!

Gosh I love vacation.

And the sky today.

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