Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking through lenses

Some days, I see intricacy... in the details of flower petals, the grains of sand, the cells that make up the human body.

Some days, I see power and might... in the fierce winds, the strong crash of the waves against the ocean rocks, the hovering storm as nightfall comes.

Some days, I see creativity and art... in the painted sky daily turning to various colors of the sunset, the many types of people in the world, the way my cockatiel's feathers perfectly lay and then so quickly fan out to allow for flight.

Some days, I see pain... in the chronically sick children I visit on a daily basis as a nurse, the heartbreak of a marriage once filled with love and now broken, the face of one receiving the news of a loved one passing.

Some days, I see healing... in the linking of hands of a marriage that has stood firm through trials, the clean brain scan in the little girl with a history of more than one tumor, the rushing river after a drought.

Some days, I see uncertainty... in the college girl desperate to discover her purpose and His purpose for her, the divided sky of white puffiness and dark grey, the cars just reaching the sudden traffic just before they see the accident ahead.

Some days, I see details. Other days, the big picture.

Some days, I see people. Other days, natural things.

Some days, I see all of these things. Other days, my eyes feel blind and I see nothing.
And still other days, I don't know what I see.

But everyday, I see God's faithfulness.

He is Faithful.

I am thankful that even when days seem to waver in consistency,

I can put my faith in the One who is Constant.

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful."
{Hebrews 10:23}

He is Risen

Sunday was Easter.
Sunday I celebrated the birth of my faith in Jesus Christ, the Living God.

To celebrate the day, we went to church

followed by a coffee date, just J and me, and then home to pick up the pups for our Easter extravaganza!

followed by fun with my family at Easter brunch
[hello honeybaked {scrumptious} ham!]
My mom and sister dyed eggs and Carly wrote some amazing little egg messages for me. :)
The puppies enjoyed their time with their auntie.
I enjoyed my tea time with mom.
The boys enjoyed touring J's new truck.

followed by Easter dinner at J's parents'... yay for turkey and stuffing! mmm
Emma enjoyed burying and unburying her ball[s].
We chatted with J's grandmas and filled in everyone on anything new in the life of J&J.

And, of course, we took family photos. 
The handheld-on-the-old-iphone kind.
[J's grandmas made my day in this photo]

I am so thankful for our family. We really do have the best family.
We are so blessed to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior together with family who celebrates with us. 
Jesus Is Alive!