Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rain rain, come again

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the sound of rain. I love rain. I love the sound it makes. The smell it leaves. The color it changes the sky and environment to. I love that it leads families to spend time together indoors with a blanket and coffee. Which is what hubby and I did. And it was perfect.

Many people complain about rain. Like, before it even comes. The weather man just says the word, and people cringe. Not here. It's sunny in San Diego.

That's not how I feel though. I hear there may be rain, and I start preparing for it. I watch the sky and wait for a hint of a cloud to show up, and I squeal with excitement. I open my winter coat closet and decide which I will wear. I may only get one chance. I reach up to the top of my closet and grab my scarves and mittens, you know, just in case. And I think, maybe, just maybe, it will rain.

And yesterday, it did. On my balcony. In my little city. Real rain.
And I woke up today, and the ground is still wet. That makes me happy. Because maybe, just maybe, the rain will stay another day.

One of these days I'm gonna have to live somewhere where it rains more than five days a year. Because I just enjoy it so much. The fact the God got water to stay in bundles of air in the sky and open those clouds at just the right time... that is truly amazing. And points to a creator.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Since my sister went to Northern California with her roommate for Thanksgiving, we had our meal with my parents early. So on Thanksgiving day, we had breakfast with my parents instead of dinner. And boy was it yummy! We even had no pulp orange juice, which is one of my very favorites.
Strawberries and bananas may be my favorite fruit combination ever. My mom used to slice them for me most mornings with breakfast during high school. Two special friends, Ali and Anna, joined us for breakfast. It was so fun to have good friends there to celebrate with.
Of course I must talk about Emma a bit. She hid in the bushes, and did a good job of it!
Family photos :)
After a nice workout.

We went home for a quick lounge time before heading over to John's parents for a Thanksgiving feast.
The grandmas in position as always :) These are the sweetest ladies.
The fam.
Dinner was great! And it was so fun to have Sam and Valinda there. And cousin, almost Dr., Karl.

I love our families. Thank you Lord for food to eat and family to eat it with.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pinkies up

My brother-in-law and future sister-in-law are in town from Virginia this week! J's mom put together a really pretty ladies tea yesterday, which was simply delightful! We had quite a lovely assortment of ladies from the family - J's mom, my mom, my sis, J's grandmas, J's aunt, and Valinda. An affair to remember :)

Have I mentioned how much I love tea time? Well, I love tea time. Tea really brings women together. This was a group of women that don't all get together often, if ever. And it was simply lovely! Grandmama cracked us all up with her commentary, and Kris had the best responses to her mom's sarcastic humor! Valinda told us all about what a romantic my brother-in-law is (in a good way :). And I had my beautiful little sis sitting next to me, my little buddy.

I loved the beautiful pink flowers. I have been having quite a fetish with flowers lately. I tell J basically everyday how much I love having flowers on our table. I have been picking some up at the grocery store, and can I tell you, flowers bring happiness to a table, a room, and my heart.

I loved the perfectly decorated table with ornate little teacups.

I loved the women who came, and the smiles in this picture. Had I not been coaching my lovely photographer of a husband on where to stand, I would have smiled too. Thanks for taking a few photos hun!

And with that photo, he left. John, Sam, and Dad. And it was just the girls.

And boy did we have some wonderful delights! Little quiche squares (sorry Kris, if I am butchering the names of everything) and cantaloupe soup to start. A fruit platter to follow.

And the little cucumber sandwiches. Might I mention that the cucumber sandwiches are what keep me coming to tea parties. :) Those and the eight cups of tea I drink.

We finished off with a truffle platter and shortbread cookies. Mmmm shortbread. I have a special place in my heart for shortbread cookies because my mom loves them so much.

The boys rejoined us a few hours later, with Emma of course. :) She pretty much comes everywhere with us. She's like our kid.

I really like my future sister-in-law. I loved hearing stories and reconnecting, and I'm so excited for these two to get married in June. And for this final girl to join the McGovern clan! Yay for girls! I love you guys! (ps, seriously guys, cutest photo and couple ever).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lots to be thankful for

Yesterday we had an early Thanksgiving celebration with my family because my sister is going to be out of town at her roommate's house for the actual Thanksgiving (insert sad face here). But she was home this weekend so we made an event of it!

In honor of Thanksgiving, 12 things I am thankful for.

1. I'm thankful for Steve. Steve has brought so much to our family and for my mom and I just love him. And I love that he cuts the turkey and does other manly things like that. Sammy was watching Steve, and the turkey, very closely. So cute. Sammy is definitely Steve's dog. He loves Steve. He will do anything if Steve is there. It's pretty cute.

2. I'm thankful for sweet potatoes with marshmallows. This is definitely my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal.

3. I'm thankful for a wonderful meal and family to eat it with. And the laughter that occurs around our table.

4. I'm thankful for candles. They light a room in a very special way. Carly designed this lovely little centerpiece. Nice work Sis.

5. I'm thankful for these two!!

5. I'm thankful for a huge yard for Emma do her running and exploring in. I think she ran around the pool 18 times. And took a drink between each lap.

6. I'm thankful for Casey and Sammy, and play buddies for Emma. She convinced them both to play with her! They were running so fast that the pictures were all blurry. But man was it cute. And so fun for Emma to have play buddies. Sure makes us want to take another trip to Petco to find a pet for Emma.

7. I'm thankful for our little family :)

8. I'm thankful for my sister. I love how she is so sweet with animals. She really really loves dogs. And likewise, the dogs really really love her. She is going to be a great vet one day.

9. I'm thankful for Sammy's sweet disposition and common pose...

10. I'm thankful for my girls. I love these girls!!

11. I'm thankful for my husband. And that when I point the camera towards him (as I do quite frequently), he smiles. He is so handsome.

12. I'm thankful for Casey. Our precious yellow lab and Carly's baby.

Thanks for the laughs, and the love, family. I love you guys so so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy 1st birthday, Bear

Today my little pup is one year old! She got a big bath and brushing yesterday, and this morning she had a special breakfast, a big walk, a birthday song, and a new bone. This afternoon she gets to go play with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Carly, Sammy, Casey, Sophie and Simon. Lucky girl. :) In honor of her first six months with us, this is her when she was 4.5 months old.

Her little eyes were so sweet, and sometimes so fearful. We rescued Emma from the shelter, and man has she come out of her little shell since April. She's a very bold girl now!

She is sooooo sweet!!

Her first haircut. Poor thing - J and I laughed and laughed! (and told her how beautiful she was... don't worry, we're good parents ;-).

Emma bear, you have brought so much joy to my life. You make me laugh every day. Truly little one, you and Dad get me though nursing school! Thanks for being my sweet cuddler in the morning, my laugh in the evening, and my buddy always. I love you Bigs. Happy birthday!

Matching 'love' shirts

This past Thursday, J and I took a little stroll down the block to J's favorite for dinner.

Afterward, I convinced him to take me next door to Family Christian for some Christmas inspiration shopping. Man they have some cute stuff in there. We laughed so hard when I stumbled across these great finds.
These may be going on the Christmas list. I'm not sure if J necessarily wants one, but I am putting it on his list for him. :) Because seriously, matching t-shirts? So cute!!

I love being married. Especially to J.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Women in fellowship

I was so blessed to attend a women's bible study last night led by my wonderful friend. I met a great group of girls and am so excited for where this will go. Sometimes I get caught up in life and forget how refreshing it is to sit with a group of girls with a common faith base and just be able to chat. I haven't been a part of a girl's bible study since, well, consistently since high school. It is good to be back. I write this to keep myself accountable to going. To not letting life get too busy for fellowship. Because isn't that what it is about?

There is something unique about when women come together. There are a few common things that bring women together. Heartbreak. Tea and/or coffee. And the Lord. And sometimes, all three.

I like new beginnings. They are kinda scary, but almost always worth it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another kind of life

Tuesdays. Not my favorite. For the most part.

My favorite part of Tuesdays - the beach. I didn't get there early enough to go before clinical today. So I went on the beach walk with all the clients from the crisis house. Today we saw a couple treasures.

I saw two dolphins swimming in the ocean!

One next to the other. In sync with each other. Riding the waves. I forgot the camera, but it was kinda like this.

The clients and I all pointed and watched together. It was a sort of bonding moment.

I like dolphins. I like that God thought to create dolphins. They live in the water, but breathe the same air we do. They have kids just like we do. They mate. They have families. And they make our waters beautiful. What must a dolphin day be like. "Today I think I will ride the waves." So simple. Thanks, Lord, for the dolphins and their simplicity. And for bringing them by at just the right time so I could see them.

"And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures, & let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky." So God created the great creatures of the sea & every living & moving thing with which the water teems, according to their kinds, & every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. God blessed them & said, "Be fruitful & increase in number & fill the water in the seas, & let the birds increase on the earth." And there was evening, & there was morning—the fifth day."
Genesis 1:20-23

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The joy of having a sister

Today was the best day. J and I woke up and I said, "we get to go see Carly today!" and J said, "yeah!!!" We took showers, had a little breakfast, took our pretty pup for a walk, and headed up to Riverside.

[However, not before J performed search and rescue for Tic (of Aqua and Tic, our finding nemo fish) ... don't worry, he is alive and well and swimming with his buddy now.]

We got to see our beautiful little sister and her super cute apartment. We met her friends and then headed out to lunch. This was my attempt to take a picture of all of us at our table.

Carly had told me about the most amazing Forever 21 at the coolest shopping center ever.
She claimed she'd been there 4 times in the last couple weeks, I think? Three stories! This place even had a guys section - since when does Forever 21 have a guys section? So Carly went shopping for John.

Carly found quite a few cute shirts and jacket.

I found a Luigi shirt (that I didn't buy but was very tempted to). Actually J found it for me. He was such a good little shopper.

I think this was the point when I called Mom to check on Emma - thanks Mom! Em said she had lots of fun on her walk with you!

Then Car took us to this fun little ice cream shop in the plaza. And boy was it amazing - they had about a zillion toppings to choose from! Of course she knew that would be my heaven. While I piled on the rainbow snow caps, Carly went healthy with the kiwi and strawberries, and J had some vanilla. Ah, my little healthy family.

We visited this amazing chocolate shop that was just like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we got chocolate covered strawberries and a caramel apple (that was for C). And walked around this super cool plaza. They had an amazing smelling steak and sushi shop that we decided will be for next time, a fun coffee shop that is also for next time, a huge movie theater, and huge Borders! AND... an Edible Arrangements shop! I think this place has the best idea ever and I will probably be using this for birthdays in the future... :) We definitely debated all of these places but decided to head back to C's place with our yogurt and hang out for a bit.

Carly and her roommate did such a cute job decorating. She took a picture of us in front of Audrey Hepburn - apparently Carly bargained with the girl at Ross $30 and a cure for the girl's hiccups for this picture.

We just hung out and chatted for a a bit. I just love spending time with my sister.

I found this hilarious candy bar in her apartment and Carly claimed it as her own, so I felt it was appropriate that I document it, since it so perfectly reflects my view of chocolate.

"of course there's more to life than instant gratification, just not right now"

Carly, you are the best little sister ever. We had soooo much fun with you today. Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us and letting us hang out, and for the tour of your school and city. You make me laugh and I can't wait to see you for our early Thanksgiving next weekend!

Love you, C!