Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love and marriage

This past Sunday, John and I had the privilege of attending J's friend, Austin, and Rachel's wedding in Coronado. John knew Austin back from college and we photographed their engagement last year.

I love weddings. Especially when the Lord is the center of the day.

This wedding reminded me of my own wedding almost two years ago. The joy of Rachel and Austin mirrored the joy of each bride and groom on their day. And John and I on ours.

The moment I got to grab my husband's hand for the first time... the hand with a wedding band on it... and walk out past loved ones and friends... and breathe. :)The first dance. Theirs was choreographed. Perfect for them.
Ours was not. But it was perfect for us.We even caught them for a quick photo. The wedding day is the one day in life when the bride and groom are famous. Everyone wants to see you. Talk to you. Take pictures with you. Everyone is there for you. It's humbling.
John got to hang out with his buddies, many of whom were at our wedding. And one of which was in our wedding.
I love weddings because they remind me of how special our wedding was. Of how blessed I am to have my husband. And how fun it is to get to go to weddings married. To come together and leave together. I am such a lucky girl.

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