Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas tree

We got our Christmas tree last Saturday. The first Saturday in December. Christmas tree day! I woke up in the best mood... because Christmas was coming.

We picked out the perfect tree. (we thought).
Loaded it in the explorer. Gosh I love SUVs. More and more.
And headed home. It was the perfect weather for Christmas tree shopping, Christmas decorating, coffee drinking, Christmas music listening and singing, and family hanging.
I love wreaths. I love to have something on the door that welcomes people and says, this home celebrates Christmas.And then to walk in and immediately the spirit of the season fills the home.
Emma and Luigi's stockings.
And Luigi's special decoration. He loves it ;-)
Why, of course we got Starbucks in Christmas cups to drink while we listened to Christmas music and decorated and wrapped presents.
Lights on our balcony. I really really love Christmas lights.
I love Christmas. And I love my husband.
And now we can enjoy the specialness of this season, complete with a fresh Christmas tree. Thank you Lord for coming, so that we can celebrate the joy of Christmas.
Looking forward to your birthday, Jesus.

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