Sunday, December 20, 2009

Emma's Treasures

Emma likes to collect things. As in, she likes to pick up any random object she can reach on her walks and proudly carry it in her mouth. Especially pinecones. Especially pinecones that are just the right size for her mouth. Although she's not picky.

Many dog owners would not let their dogs pick up sticks and random log chunks and bits of pinecones. And, I mean, we do have rules. She's not supposed to pull on the leash. We'll let you know when we get that one accomplished.

And, I mean, she knows sit. And she's pretty good at it! I figure that counts for something.

But when it comes to her sticks, we both just laugh. They make her so happy! Walking Emma with a stick is a rather pleasant job.

And once I got this idea to make her a basket for her collections, I practically begged her to pick up a pinecone if I saw one.

They don't all make it home. Some make it into other grassy areas. Saving it for later, we like to say. But this is what made it home so far, and their new home.

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