Thursday, December 31, 2009

Confessions of a mini traveler

On Monday, J and I headed up on our much anticipated little getaway to Santa Barbara for a couple of days. I was so excited to go to a new place, see the sights, and stay at a cute little bed and breakfast. Definitely one of my new favorite getaway places!

We made the trek in my handy dandy explorer, so J took footage of the ride up. We drove through the very center of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood.
We saw the capital records building.
And we sat in a lot of traffic!
And then, we were suddenly driving along both the mountains and the ocean. Never have I seen that before. Amazing!
We finally made it to our much anticipated destination after 4.5 hours on the road. It was so worth it.
Seriously the cutest room ever! I was so glad I searched individual rooms for the perfect place. This was perfect. We headed out for dinner at this yummy Italian restaurant and walked around to see the sights. We were only three blocks from downtown Santa Barbara and the little shopping strip, which of course I planned. :)
I love to look at life through my husband's eyes. He finds the most random things and takes pictures of them. And then I think, huh that was kinda cute. Like this newspaper stand.
And the city lights. This wasn't quite as random. But I love how he sees it.The next morning we awoke to breakfast at our front door.
Apple pancakes, fruit, and orange juice. Adorable and tasty.

After breakfast, we headed down State Street to do some shopping in the cute stores as we strolled down to the beach. I love that J said, did you wanna go in there? at nearly every little nic-nac shop. I love my Vacation J, as he calls himself.
I resisted buying most things, but did manage to snag a few of these adorable little journals in both green and pink. I have been wanting one to make lists in and keep in my purse. I got 4!
We got to walk though this cool tunnel.
15 blocks later, we made it to the beach.
I must say, our San Diego beaches are just as pretty. That made me thankful for my little city down south. And for the opportunity to travel, so that I can see other beauties and still appreciate what I have.

We headed back up the street a bit to a fun and hip little lunch cafe where we chilled for a bit while eating sandwiches. I felt like we were ditching work or something, being out and about on a Tuesday afternoon. And I loved it.
On our way back, we stopped for some yogurt. That was my idea. Which was obvious when my yogurt was about 3x as big as J's was.
We went back home and I watched a movie while J read. Then we went to dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant. Followed by Starbucks and goal setting in my new little notebooks.
I love that we think so alike on so many things. We share each others' dreams and goals, and I love talking about those. We always do this around the new year, and I love this tradition.

We woke up to another beautiful breakfast served to our room. Complete with a little salt and pepper.
We had so much fun together. I love trips with John. He is my best friend and my travel buddy. We took one more photo before heading home to see our little bear, whom we missed big time. Thankfully, Auntie Carly took care of her and sent us a picture of her. We looked at it, oh, quite often. :) On the way home, we thought smart and took the 405 instead of the 5. Best decision ever.

Emma was so excited to see us when we got home. Especially her daddy.
I love that my husband and I get to take trips together. I love even more that we get to come home together.


  1. Awwwwww it sounded like a lot of fun =)

  2. Sounds wonderful! Cute photos and it's so nice to take a getaway trip once in a while... I love how your appreciation for your husband practically drips off the page. :)