Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ten Months of Twinsies

It's happened. 
They are in the double digits of months. 
And in less than two months, they will be one year old.
Maddie and Rachel are 10 months old!!!

they can't believe it either

This age is SO fun. Rachel decided actual crawling was slightly more efficient than army crawling and has since taken off through the house with her turbo crawl. Both girls are standing holding onto things, walking along furniture, up and down to pick things up, crawling with things in their hands... pretty much showing off all their new skills regularly. Maddie has stood a few times on her own for a few seconds... she is close to being able to stand on her own. And Rachel stood for a couple seconds the other day too! They are headed in every which way (which isn't always the same way, which makes for lots of fun for mommy not to lose a baby!). They love splashing the dog water and eating the dog food (neither of which they are allowed to do), opening cabinets and closing them (the louder bang the better), and pulling everything out of cabinets. Maddie likes to clear tables, counters, her high chair tray, you name it, as fast as she can. Rachel really loves shredding paper - toilet paper is her favorite, but paper towels, napkins, baby wipes all will suffice. (They are truly in constant motion, so photos of them together that are in focus are few and far between.)

Basically, all this to say, my house is crazy in the very best way. There is stuff everywhere and it is always very clear where Maddie and Rachel have been.

And I love it!!

They are laughing, smiling, talking a ton (in all pitches and volumes!), interacting with us and with each other more than ever, hugging and kissing, clapping, waving, saying "mama" and Rachel says "dada".... we are pretty much the luckiest parents in the world that these girls are really OUR kids.

J had the option of splitting up his paternity leave, so he saved a week for last week. It was SO awesome having him home with us!! He loves his girls and they love him so!!