Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baking the way to Christmas

Every year since I was little, my mom has done tons of baking. Usually my sister and I helped, when we could. And by help, I mean sit and watch, chat, and sneak bites of sugar cookie dough. My mom can frost cookies better than anyone I know. And she always made lots of different things. And then we would deliver them on Christmas to all my aunts and uncles and family. Baking day was always such a joyful day. Long, exhausting, and probably frustrating for my mom at times... but always a joy.

Since I got married, I have tried my best to carry on that little tradition. As much as cooking stresses me out (well, it used to!), baking makes me happy. This year, I made sugar cookies (a staple item), peanut butter temptations (proud to say I found this all on my own), chex muddy buddies (of course), peanut buddy bars (thanks for the recipe, Mom), and banana and zucchini bread. They are all ready to be delivered tomorrow!