Sunday, June 8, 2014

My girls

Mother's Day... my first... Mom's 27th :)
first coffee date with all of us

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

All About Madelyn: 2 months

She smiles! Lots! And it is the sweetest thing ever! She's now smiled at Mommy, Daddy, her four grandparents, Auntie Carly, Great Grandma Carol, and a few ladies at our friend's graduation party.

She is so social! She doesn't like to miss anything and will cry from exhaustion when we're out and about rather than closing her eyes just so she doesn't miss something.

She likes worship music.

She is a much happier baby since she got her Zantac for her reflux. I feel bad she went a few weeks without it, but am so thankful it's helped her over the last couple weeks! I'm such a fan.

She's starting to get a little jealous if Rachel is being talked to and she feels left out. She likes to be the center of attention! :-)

She likes to watch and reach out to her sister.

She can see across the room and she makes incredible eye contact. I think part of it has to do with the fact that she likes the camera!

She likes to stand! Such a strong baby girl!

She loves the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow."

She loves the combo of her glider swing (#4 speed), swaddle, and new avent nukky from Auntie Carly.

She loves baths. She calms down as soon as we start our bedtime routine beginning with baths every night.

She loves her grandparents and she loves when Grandpa Steve sings to her. She thinks he's so funny.

Sometimes she just needs her mommy and daddy. [we have the best job in the world that we are those people!]

I love my Madelyn so very much and I love watching her discover her little personality!

All about Rachel: 2 months

She has started smiling!! And oh boy is it the cutest thing ever.
[I wish I had pictures of her smiling with everyone!]

She is about to crawl. Seriously, this girl gets so mad during tummy time but is SO strong! Her little neck muscles have been holding her head up since she was only a week old.

She loves her swaddle. And to snuggle. She loves to be held! And she can sleep anywhere. My little cat napper.

 She is very content to play by herself or with Maddie. I can put her on her playmat and she's content for awhile (as in like ten minutes maybe) to look in her mirror and touch her toys. She needs quiet time.

She loves mommy. Although I'm pretty sure mommy loves her more.

She really likes Baker. They have a cute little relationship consisting of her looking at him and him sitting by her and kissing her.

She loves her swing. I can swaddle her, give her her nukky and put her in her swing, and she just looks up waiting for me to turn it on so she can watch the toys spin until she falls asleep.

She loves bedtime and she loves her bedtime bath.

She is so animated with her eyebrows. She tells stories with her eyebrows and I love it!

She is very aware of her twins and gets concerned when Maddie isn't happy. I'm pretty sure she's starting to sympathy cry when Maddie cries. 
[which is precious... but really Rachel? ;)]

She loves music time with her daddy! She especially loves upbeat music with girl singers. This is one of her favorites (since in my tummy!)
I love my sister's caption of this photo... "Give me a mic, Mom... we're gonna blow the roof off this place!"

She has such a sweet and gentle spirit. She loves to look around and is discovering new things everyday.
I love watching my Rachel grow!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Like Grandparents Like Grandparents

#twingrandparents ;-)

I love how our parents love their grandbabies!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Two Months of Twinsies

We spent the day getting dressed up, napping in church, 
having photo shoots and learning about selfies, smiling, chatting and playing music. 
What a perfect way to ring in month three.

So blessed to be Madelyn and Rachel's mommy.
Sweetest baby girls ever.
I'm the luckiest ever.