Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There she goes again

Tomorrow my little sister begins her junior year of college

My how time flies.

[She would most definitely disagree with that statement]

I'm so very proud of her... her character and her personality and her everything! And of course, the academic stuff. :) She's my hero. I did the nursing school thing... she's doing the kinesiology/sports medicine/pre-med/veterinary thing. She's a bit more hard core. I'm pretty sure :). 

Carly, my prayer for you is that this year is your best yet. For friendships and familiar faces and memories and success and encouragement and peace. I love you more than you know. You are honestly my hero. And you make me laugh.

Fun summer memory:

She came to visit me last month while I was busy finishing school and we had a few Murrieta adventures - which is the only way we do it :)

Chinese dinner at...who knows where...some place my phone said was good...and it was!

An hour's drive to find a cute coffee shop... success!

I wish I could say one of these was Carly's. 
But I can't.

But we'll just ignore that.

And our most recent adventure...

moving her back to school!
she was singing the right words. i was making up the words. as you can see.

I love you Carly! Rock it girl! You GOT this!! I'm cheering from the stands...loud :)

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