Monday, August 2, 2010

Friendly surprises

I'm a big fan of celebrating, however big or small it may seem. The fun thing is, so are my friends. Yesterday, our dear friends Mark and Katie threw me a surprise party with some ladies from my bible study.

Considering Katie is in the midst of a crazy period of nursing school, I was so incredibly touched. I'm thankful to have friends to celebrate the little (and big!) things with.

She decorated so cutely and had the very best food. (I need that enchilada recipe K!) And Jessi made my adorable little "congrats" sign.

While the girls drank sparkling apple cider,

the boys played some horseshoes.

They even had a raffle. Johnny won a giftcard, Jeremiah won two water bottles, and a bunch of us won some movies from Mark and Katie's gourmet collection!

Thank you, friends, for such a special afternoon surprise. Mark and Katie, thank you for taking your time and energies to put together such a fun gathering. I feel loved and blessed. Love you guys!

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