Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's picnic time

APU has an annual summer picnic for the San Diego students. It's fun... also mandatory... but fun. :) This year was especially exciting since we only had one final left the following day before being finished!

I love these guys. Every single one of them. :)

Hubby came for lunch :)

The profs. :) Prof Mason saved us as far as study sessions. I'm actually going to one on Wednesday (yah, just kidding about the whole 'graduated' thing).

Prof Owen was our most consistent prof - she taught a class for us each semester, so we got to know her really well :)

Rachel, Jennie and I going vogue. haha.

Mahea, Nancy and I

Mahea, Emily and I

Joy and baby Noah, who isn't such a baby anymore. She had him during our program, and he will be one year old this week! Crazy.

And my mentee, Jehannah. I love this girl. She's halfway done. I'm so so proud of her!

The gang.

Ahh, love these guys. Miss them already.

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