Saturday, August 7, 2010

Looking forward: Weekend delights

I love this weekend already. 
Because delightful things are happening.

puppy playtime
friends meeting friends
waking up to tell J it's Saturday, only to see Baker curled up next to him
honestly, those dogs can count days until saturday. they know.
birthday packages delivered for me! (i'm saving them for tomorrow...)
happy husband
selling two books online
target trip
my cousin's birthday party
my nclex study schedule almost all mapped out (ahh!)
saturday night church with my favorite
a new home-cooked adventure?
walks with hubs and the little ones
sunday morning ymc with new friends
birthday surprises
new outfit
dinner and dessert with my family
nclex books on the way 
last weekend of total freedom before studying begins!

It's looking to be a good one :)

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