Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Mom,

Thank you for my beautiful little graduation plant in the cutest pot ever. 
It is my very first plant ever. 
Which you know.

13 days of living at my house, and it doesn't look quite like this anymore.
(there are no flowers ... i may have killed them...)
But it is still green! 
And I water it every day. 
It lives by my sink.

I know we didn't used to be plant people. 
We kinda made fun of plants in houses (in a nice way).

But then, Grandma started her beautiful garden.

And more recently, you've picked up the hobby
that has bloomed into quite delightful little flowers.
I want to be like you and have pretty plants.

This is my first attempt (in the plant world) to be like you.

I love my special little plant.
And I love you even more.


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