Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Italian side of me

So, I'm Italian.
Well, 25% Italian. 
But I'm proud of that 25%.
I love everything that has to do with Italy.
And I love my Italian family. 
All 75 of them :)

I don't get to see them very often, so they haven't really made an appearance here on the blog yet. But I wanted to introduce you.

A few months ago, Carly, J and I went to my cousin's wedding. The night before the wedding, we had dinner with my dad. So we got to spend some time with the Italian side of me.

Allow me to make some familial introductions to the 'bloggy blog' (gosh I so dislike that term, but it will do for now until I come up with something better).

My dad and stepmom, Patti
they live in colorado

My cousin, Stephen, and his beautiful bride, Alisa

My beautiful cousin, Mattison

And Mattie's little sissy, Abigail, and Aunt Nancy (these are her girls).
they did this whole thing where they moved to colorado also.
we dislike that they are far away. but it's pretty there. :)

Our "mini-me"s. 
Mattie is the spitting image of me. And Abbie is the spitting image of Carly.
The girls know it too. And they like it (well, Mattie does... but that is characteristic of her perfect personality... just teasing sis). We like it even more :)

My Grammie. 
I so wish I could spend more time with her. 
She lives in Colorado too. In the most beautiful cabin.

My Aunt Patti (she lives in Colorado too, darn it)
and some dancing, Italian-style ;)

Stephen and my Aunt Joni

my Grammie and Poppa.
they love each other so much. i love that.

Grammie, Poppa, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jack.
Aunt Marilyn is Grammie's sister.

Our cousin and Steve's sister, Marie
she is my closest-in-age cousin. she was my play buddy when we were little.

Marie, Carly, Aunt Nancy, and me - doing a little dancing

Dad's toast

the groom/our cousin, Stephen

These are a few of those I call 'family.' 
I love each of them so so much.


  1. well... maybe we can all move there together one day!

  2. La vita e l'amore, la familglia, e la fede. L'amiamo, anche, Jordanna.
    Life is love, family, and faith. We love you, too, Jordanna. Blessings, Aunt Joni

  3. We love you too - the road is not long to a loved one's house. How bout a white Christmas? or Thanksgiving???? Or just any old time.

  4. love you, sweetie

  5. Aww. Thanks for commenting aunties! Love you!