Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 ways to celebrate the end of school

In the 24 hours after I finished my last final, I managed to have 3 celebrations.

1. A bunch of the girls and I went to Mimi's.

Melinda, Mahea and I - we went to the beach this week! First time all summer (you can tell by my red skin).

DongYon, Xochella, Tiffany and Maria

Tiffany, Joy, Nancy, Lindsey, and Melinda

2. My husband took me out to a yummy dinner at my favorite restaurant :)

3. I went to coffee with my mom and sis. I love them.

Emma and Baker came too. :)

Emma really is happy. She's wearing her gentle leader. Don't worry, they are just as the name suggests. Gentle. And she's with her grandma. What more could a girl want.

I have such great friends and family. 
Thanks for celebrating with me, guys!

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