Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day of many colors

Today I am feeling...

encouraged by my Bible study girls
overwhelmed at the thought of taking (and passing) the NCLEX in 15 days
inspired by my husband's biblical wisdom, exercise regimen, and love for me
sneaky that i saw my mom and sis on the freeway on my way home tonight
excited to see my mom tomorrow
nervous about being a real live nurse (and the whole finding-a-job thing)
peaceful that the Lord has taken care of me this far and will continue to do so
desire to read about God's love for His people in the Old Testament
lucky to have gotten to chat with my step dad tonight 
amazed by the beauty of a sunset and the intricacy of a single tree
proud of my nursing friends who passed the boards and are now RNs
[congrats Mahea, Jennie, Emily, Lindsey, Brian, Amber, and Katelyn!]
sore from some good but hard workouts this week
tired from reading all-I-learned-in-nursing-school: the-compact-version
anxious (in a good way) to see Ali and her new home on Sunday
thankful for the apple genius man that fixed my computer today for free
blessed to be a child of God Almighty

1 comment:

  1. I always feel like a celebrity when I get mentioned here! hahaha

    You are going to do GREAT on the NCLEX. Take a million practice questions and pray - that is how I passed. Also, do not be discouraged if you feel like you failed when you walk out - and the Pearson trick works.