Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The beginnings of 24

A few weeks ago, I turned 24. Whoo hoo! I'm at my prime. 
The year I've been dreaming of since I was little. :)

It was a special few days of fun... not all birthday related. 
Which was totally fun. :)

Coffee with the ladies
(I only made them take this photo 4 times to get it right ;)

My cousin Joel's 13th birthday party
(so it isn't totally all birthday related... but timing-wise, it worked out)

Grandma and Uncle Mike

Mom and me

My actual birthday consisted of:

shopping with my husband...
birthday money to get cute shoes and fun school supplies
(because I of course have to buy new school supplies in August, even if I'm not going back to school... they are "NCLEX-prep supplies" and they are actually quite helpful!)

 Fuddruckers with the family

 two delicious desserts...
fruit pizza courtesy of my mom - mmm!
and my favorite - mud pie courtesy of my J - very creative 2-4, bun!

some lovely gifts
(these are a few select photos... but I was so lucky this year!!)

Yay... my 2nd Anthro dress!!!

and a new Bible from my sweetheart.

Some super sweet cards and gifts via the mail.
I love mail!! Thank you family!

And a fun dessert with my dear friend and her boyfriend.
I love you A. Thank you for being my friend. You are really the best.

We had so much fun with you, Joe and Ali!

I am so incredibly blessed.

24 is off to a great start!

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