Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little leader

Tonight on our walk, the complex kids were all out playing. 
So we're teaching Emma and Baker to be good with kids. 

And they are.
Sorta :)

But Emma is more of a spaas (however you write that).
She runs like a crazy girl, then she sits like she's afraid. 
She's getting better. It's a process. 
All the kids know she's shy. 
"That's Emma. She's shy," Gabby says. :) She's a sweet little girl. 

Baker, on the other hand, is perfect. 
Mr Social, he lets them pet him and he's just their size. So it's perfect. 
And Emma follows his lead... little by little.

I'm very proud of my little Bakes for being so friendly.
And Bear, you're doing good!

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