Friday, August 20, 2010

A nickel here, a quarter there

Yesterday, my husband sent me this amazing article that discusses the idea that money can buy a bit of happiness. Read it. It's a great one.

I had an entire page written about my thoughts on money and experiences and ya-di-yah... but I feel it is wiser and more effective to let this article speak for itself without [quite] so much of my commentary.

I can say that most of the principles articulated are true and worthwhile. And the times we have tried them, it has been so worth it.

A few of Sierra's quotes:

"She and her husband swapped their cars (and car payments) for bicycles."

"It’s okay to think small. Spending on several small treats — like a massage, a good book, or dinner at your favorite restaurant — will bring you more happiness than one big-ticket item like a sports car."

"What really makes people happy is connection. When we’re engaged in a leisure activity, we’re more likely to be socializing with others, forming and strengthening our relationships. It’s these strong relationships ... that bring us lasting joy throughout our lives." 

"Frugal happiness seekers can use these principles to their advantage."

"Splurging on a series of small indulgences is worth more happiness than one large splurge."

"We can get more happiness out of large purchases by saving for them in advance, rather than buying them on credit ... It’s not simply that being debt-free is a happy way to be; you’ll also get pleasure from anticipating the purchase while you’re saving up for it. Once you have your new couch or dream vacation, you’ll enjoy it more knowing it’s the fruit of your hard work as a saver."

We're definitely still learning.
It's a work in progress.
And I like that.


  1. Oh I really like these "ideas"! Makes a lot of sense:)
    Thanks for sharing this....
    Great blog!

  2. Thanks Dawn! And thanks for reading! :)