Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Helping out the firemen

Today I met my awesome MIL for coffee.
With the pups.
Which is always... an experience :)
Baker readjusts his position a hundred times.
Emma takes up her entire chair.
But she loves them and is such a good sport about it.
And I love her! (thanks for the coffee, K!)

So, walking to our cars, a fire truck pulls up and parks.
We walk across the street to the car.
Three firemen get out of the truck.
"Excuse me, will you do a favor for us?"

If you know me, you know I love firemen.
not like that, bun. you know.
And if a fireman asks me for something, anything, I'm gonna help.

what do they  need... I can hold the hose, I'm CPR certified, I know ACLS...


They go on to explain about their chief being out of town, and they are taking pictures with different people in the community wearing his hat.
oh right. they handle the emergencies. this is not an emergency.

I thought he was gonna ask if I would wear it.
But when you have kids, they are always cuter.

So actually, they asked Emma to wear it.
She said no.

But Baker stepped in to save the day and was a champ!!
Three firemen stood laughing holding out their phones to take pictures of him. I felt like my little dog was famous. One finally got a good one. "HAHA That's AWESOME!! Look guys!!" he said, and then proceeded to text me the photo. Thank you Mr. Fireman!

Baker is now famous and will be featured in the entourage of photos that Chief gets to see when he gets home.

I have no doubt Baker's photo will be his favorite.

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  1. haha that's awesome! I love firemen too ;-) Cute picture Baker!