Saturday, August 7, 2010

New friends in Italia

J and I have been going to the young married's cafe (YMC) at church on Sunday mornings for the last few months off and on, and have really enjoyed meeting some really neat people. Now that I'm finished with school, we can be more consistent with going to little events and such. The day after graduation was YMC dinner date night in Little Italy. OH, sooo good! I'm part Italian so I thrive on all things Italy.

We had some great conversations with couples at dinner, and afterwards my husband became the leader and led the way to the local coffee shop. Which everyone loved. We sat around, sipping coffee and eating cannolis (oh wait, that was just us) chatting about life, kids, work, Lebanon and garage sales. I love the people in this group and I love that we left that night feeling eight friends richer.

Manny and Jen, aka pastor and amazing wife, aka our friendly neighbors

Fady and Gillian - coolest story ever. and Fady's a nurse!

Matt and Sondra - so sweet. She likes garage sales like me. And he's a fire fighter.

David and Marla - she is so full of life! :)

Bobo and me - love you!

So blessed to be a part of a special group and have friends in similar life stages! Can't wait to do more with them.

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