Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jordanna McGovern: BA, BSN!!

Yesterday I walked in my second college graduation ceremony... first from PLNU and now from APU. I earned my Bachelors of Science in Nursing!! Whooooo hooooo!!! Finally :) There were a total of 6 of us from my cohort who made it... out of 26... not too bad I guess. My amazing family came all the way to LA support me. I love you all.





my MIL, k

 my FIL, the fellow jjm

and my hubby. i couldn't have done this without you hun... actually literally... thanks for funding my life for the last 2.5 years! i love you.

and of course, my classmates. whom i am so incredibly thankful for.

jennie. thank you for the hat identifier :)

eenap san diego!! me, mahea, jennie, jose, and tiffany

and polina made it!!

my darling mahea wanted us to throw our hats. because i love her (and it sounded fun), i obliged her :).

these guys are getting married 5 weeks from tomorrow!

I can't believe I'm really done.

For a couple days.
Then it's back to the books, because I'm taking the NCLEX on September 10th!

But in the mean time, I have many thoughts and pictures for this blog.
Including more "last week of school/graduation" coverage.
And some "what now" coverage. Except I don't have an answer to that question yet.

"In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."
Proverbs 16:9

For now, I'm done with nursing school, baby!

Thank you, God!

"...the Lord is faithful to all his promises..."
Psalm 145:13


  1. Couldn't be any prouder of you. We are so thankful to have witnessed the official recognition of your completing the program, as we watched your diligence throughout the years. Love you! K/M and J/M

  2. YAY! I love you and I am so thankful for you, because without you, I may not have made it through the last 15 months with my sanity still (mostly) intact- and because you humor me in my silly requests ;-)! I am looking forward to coffee dates and fun things that no longer have to revolve around nursing school. I love you friend!