Friday, October 1, 2010

Stellar skies

San Diego has enjoyed a series of amazing God-created skies over the past few days.

Tuesday morning
wonderful walk with Lisa around Lake Murray

 Tuesday night
Bible study at church

Wednesday evening
on the way to the ballpark with Jessi

by the way... this is my favorite kind of sky. and i like a lot of skies. 
but this screams "HEAVEN" to me. 
this is the Lord opening up the heavens so we can catch a glimpse of Him. 
He told me :) ... but i'm serious.

Thursday morning
walk at the lake with B&E, Katie and Frankie
(B meets F, part two, went very well - thanks for asking)

ok, so these next ones aren't of the sky.  but i love these guys! 
and it was a full-on storm!!!

 Ahhh... SO AMAZING!

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