Monday, October 11, 2010

To celebrate Grandmama

Today is J's grandma's birthday! I love Grandmama. 
She has such spunk, a great sense of humor, and she truly cares about her family and her friends. 

She's having a get-together this evening with all her friends, so we couldn't see her on her actual birthday.
She's quite the social butterfly :)
So, we celebrated her life this past Friday. 
And what better way to celebrate her than by a tea party!

Kris treated us all to Aubrey Rose, the most beautiful and fun tea house in the world... 
well, at least in San Diego :) Thank you for tea, K!

Kris, Birthday Girl, Grandma, and me... and our tea cups :)

Amazing first course: cantaloupe soup and little sandwiches (it's seriously good!)

the serving tray... tons of little sandwiches, fruit slices, and delicious desserts, more tea...

and my favorite, scones!

the birthday girl, herself!

love my mother-in-law

it was Grandma's first time at the tea shop!

the ladies

mother-daughter :)

I so enjoyed having tea with the ladies. It was simply delightful! 
What a fun way to celebrate such a special lady.
Happy birthday Grandmama!

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  1. Thank you for documenting this special time. How blessed I am that you were able to be there. I even got to wear pink!