Friday, October 15, 2010

Camping Adventures: Back at Camp

After our nature walk, we returned to camp and just hung out a bit.
Funny thing - time goes really slow in the middle of nowhere with no distractions.
Bring conversation topics, games, and a picnic blanket. :) hehe....

No, but we had a great afternoon relaxing and chatting about life. 

J was totally kidding... he wasn't actually on his phone during our camping chats ;)

he's so cute!

i seriously love these guys.

The pups enjoyed relaxing also.


Emma (she was a mess!!)


Mark wanted to climb this cool tree, so Katie was a good sport and climbed too. 
Then John handed up poor Frankie to join in the fun :)

J decided it would be cute to put poor Emma on a log to take a picture :)

 So then Katie and I jumped on another big log and grabbed the pups for yet another photo op!
(yes, we basically used our dogs for pictures. but they loved it!)

after which I made J come on the log... he's such a good sport!

The puppies ran...


and chilled.

 We admired our pinecones we collected.

 And Katie made us amazing food. She is a professional camper, let me tell you! 
Snacks, chicken wraps, drinks, hamburgers and hotdogs, pancakes, smores... mmm!!

Next up... building the fire and after dark!

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