Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let's go Padres!

I had the honor of accompanying my super fun and hard core baseball loving friend
to the Padres game this Wednesday. 

I love baseball. Love my Padres, win or lose. 
Even worked for them for three years selling tickets to those games. 
I love the hot dogs, the crazy fans, the crowded seats, the common cheers, 
the beautiful stadium in the most gorgeous city, and of course, the boys themselves.

But my friend may be an even bigger fan.
miss softball-coach, miss keeps-score-via-pen-and-paper, 
miss past-season-ticket-owner, miss know-everyone's-name. 
(i say all this in the most fondest of tones, truly i love it all)
And she invited me!

It was a bucket-load of fun.

We began our adventure at Seaport where we captured a few photos.

 another gorgeous sunset

We went to the cutest little candy store and loaded our 
little baggies of delights to enjoy at the ballpark.

We strolled over to the ballpark and caught the end of the sunset through the high rises.

We "stumbled to our seats," according to a particular employee.

Honestly. We walk past two people, realize we are in the wrong row,
walk back past them, and we are all of a sudden young potentially-drunk girls
who are lying about having seats in the section.

It provided a great laugh for the rest of the night.

We enjoyed a lovely conversation and a terrific win.

So fun to hang out with you, Jess. Thanks for sharing your free tickets with me!

And Padres, how about another win today? Yes, please.
But regardless, I will love you.
But please win!

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