Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh the places we'll go

I really want to travel. More than I realized. I didn't ever think I was the traveler. In fact, I listened to people tell stories about going to far away lands (aka Europe and India) and think, that'd be fun maybe one day, but I probably won't really do that. But as I'm growing up, I'm realizing that I have more interest in going new places than I thought. And not for the, I wanna see the Eiffel Tower and St. Patrick's Cathedral and other things that I don't really even know what they are, reasons. For the, I just want to experience life here and make memories, reasons.

So, what is my travel list?

Italy: But not for the attractions and hit spots. Although that may be fun. I want to go to Tuscany and Venice and Florence... and visit coffee shops, real true Italian coffee shops. I want to sit in little mom-and-pop restaurants for hours laughing and talking about life. I want to walk down green streets and sit on park benches. I want to embrace Italy for what it is. Besides, I'm Italian. So, it makes sense. Our wedding photographers got to visit there and Jasmine is there now! Jealous.

Alaska: I want to see if there are really igloos there like in story books. What is it like to have winter for months on end? That sounds amazing to me. I want to see glaciers and ice, lakes and the Pacific Ocean, but from their coast.

Yosemite: I want to stand amazed and take in God's creation.

Seattle: I want to experience a truly rainy city. I want to go to the first Starbucks. I want to see the city and the hospitals and the people. What is it like to live in Seattle? J and I want to live there. But we can't know that for sure until we experience it.

Oregon: I have lots of friends or know people who have moved there. And they love it. I want to know what that is about. That is the other state on the list of potential moving options. [not that we are moving. but I like having options].

San Jose: Mostly to see my brother in law and sister in law. Actually, that's why. I should call this "Sam and Valinda's house" since I've already been to "San Jose."

Crete, Greece: I wanna see my dear friend Aristoula. I want to see the place she calls home. I want to know the beauty she spoke of day after day in high school. And I want to see her. And her fiance. I miss her dearly.

Maui: Because, really, everyone has to go to Maui. I've been to Oahu but hubby's never been to any of the islands. I would like to have a few adventures on Maui.

A cruise... potentially: John has been on more cruises than I can count, well not really, but I don't remember how many. But anyway, one day this might be fun so I can understand his excitement about large boats :). Where to? Alaska. Mediterranean. Europe. Or even Mexico.

... and lots of little places in between.

Ah, so much to see. If only Emma and Baker could come!

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  1. I love this post. I love travel. I love that you love travel. Anyone who has accomplished what you already have, will see all these, and more!