Thursday, October 21, 2010

Overshadowed by blessings

Yesterday was a rather frustrating day in the job-world... or lack there-of.
It included standing in one line at a job fair for 40 minutes to hear "set up a job search agent online."
Because I haven't already done that. Oh wait - yes I have.
And "your file is not complete because you have not uploaded cover letters to our system" of another job location.
But I did! Apparently I didn't save them right.

This job search thing is a bit discouraging at times.
How in the world will a piece of paper... and I'm lucky if they will even accept a paper resume... separate me from all the other incredible new nurses? Because that's the truth - there are a lot of good nurses looking for jobs. So why aren't there job opportunities for us? I guess because there are 2500 new grad RNs in San Diego. And there are anywhere from 0-30 jobs. At most.

But I know that God is bigger than a little job, and that He is the Provider.
And so, I continue to trust that His plan is better than mine.
And then I move on.
Because really, what does worrying do? Nothing.

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" [Matthew 6:27]

Anyway. That's all I can say of the job search.

On the up side, I got to meet my good friend for dinner last night... at Costco. Love those hot dogs! I love her for meeting me at Costco. We went on a hunt for a few things in a rather twisted Costco, and then she gave me a tour of her newly acquired home. I'm so excited for them! Then we sat in the car in the Costco parking lot and chatted about life until it closed.

That's what I call a great friend. We can do the little things together. And it feels totally normal. Well, sort of. :)

I like Jessi for a lot of reasons. But one is because we get each other. Like when we were eating hot dogs. In the middle of the conversation, we both became antsy to photograph the sunset. Because we had to capture the moment! So this is how it looked through the Costco panels...

I'm so thankful that God gives us glimpses of His majestic and creative spirit.
And I'm thankful that He blesses us with good friends.

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  1. Oh I love that verse about worrying (not).
    Thank you...I needed to remember this today!
    Hugs to you today!!