Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cupcakes for Jennifer

To celebrate Jen's birthday last Thursday, 
a few girls from church had a little surprise party for her this past Friday. 
I chauffeured her over to Sondra's house for a little 'girls' night' ...

She knew that part... but not about the other little surprises :)
[thank you Sondra for all the pictures!]

... like the cupcake tasting ...

... and her special friend, Kelly ...

... and the presents ...

We had so much fun celebrating our Bible study leader, prayer warrior, 
pastor's wife, encourager, mentor, and friend.

Michelle and Becky... both about to be new mommies in just a few days!

Michelle and Sondra - our amazing party planner and hostess

Candace and me - this girl is so genuinely sweet!

Leslie and Paige - love these girls

 Jaclyn and Jaclynn ;) - love these girls too!

It was so fun to celebrate with you, Jen.
Thank you for your example and great spirit. 
We love you!
Happy birthday!


  1. That looks like one fun party!!!!
    (It made me realize I need to have a few more of these. Looks like you have an amazing group there!!!)

  2. looks like a great party!!! lots of smiles


  3. Very cool!! How did you do this??? I need to learn from you!!! Awesome- thank you! Sondra