Monday, October 4, 2010

Oktoberfest delights

Yesterday after church, J and I hopped in the car with our friends and headed downtown...
that is, downtown La Mesa, for Oktoberfest!

Sidenote: downtown La Mesa, if I haven't mentioned, is one of my favorite little areas in East County.
Cutest restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, my favorite tea shop, and a cute train and trolley station. 

they had corn on the cob, or as they say, 'roasted corn.' A.Ma.Zing.

we love Dwain and Jaclyn [and shaved ice]

when I saw the cappuccino shake booth, that was it for me.

this rootbeer maker was sure cooking some rootbeer!

the cutest most creative dog collars by belle pepper couture
i asked her if i could take a picture because they were so cute and got her card to give her the credit :)

tell me what is weird about this sign.
 "installed"?? really??

i love these types of homemade signs and cuteness. i get that from my mom :)

surfboard rug anyone? it would make lovely bathroom decor, as Jac suggested

my personal favorite. i shoulda bought this shirt.

I love Oktoberfest! It's fun for the whole family :)
We will definitely be back next year. First weekend in October, baby!

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  1. super fun! you gotta show me around downtown la mesa now that it's my new neighborhood (sorta) :)