Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Mr. Wetzel,

I have a question about your latest advertisement.

Is it forever?
Or for a limited time?

It sounds tasty... but I am curious how long I have to try this out.
Because knowing I have forever vs. only a limited time really changes things.

On another note, thanks for the amazing sinful cinnamon pretzel sample today. 
It gets me every time. It's definitely your best
Well, my favorite at least. :)
Although I do wish you would take the word "sin" out of the title.



  1. Haha that truly makes no sense! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm really enjoying yours!

    And I love the fall decorations from the post below! All I have are tiny pumpkins and the ones we carved, but I know my collection will grow with time. :] Working on Christmas ones now! (Well, collecting them that is!)

  2. HahhhaahHHHAHAHhahhahahhah!!!!
    Oh toooo funny!
    Love it!
    (maybe they'll now ask you to work in their advertising department;)