Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camping Adventures: Nature at it's finest

Last Saturday, J and I loaded up the car and the pups and headed to the mountains for a little camping extravaganza. Katie and Mark were already up there, along with Frankie, and truly made it so easy for us. 

We brought clothes, blankets, and stuff for the dogs. They brought that... and everything else.
And our cars were just as full... rookie mistake :)

We are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends.

We started off with a nature hike around the site.

[Disclaimer: I hope you like Emma and Baker. Because most of the pictures are of them...]

Emma and Baker loved it.

We found some cool pinecones that we filled many bags with to bring home. 

evidence of the woodpeckers

 The dogs all had fun sniffing, running, and exploring.

 Frankie had already taken a few hikes that day, so mom held him for a bit :)

I. Love. Nature. Seriously, I'm addicted. It's a new thing for me. 

Family photo time!

the McGoverns

and the Ritters

Headed down the mountain...

 Stopping for a drink. Running is exhausting!

 I can't remember if I said I'm amazed by God's creation yet. Honestly, these trees were majestic!

walking along...

 Frankie loves his daddy!

 Yes, we got to walk on trails like this.

and even see a few horses :)

Final family photo on the logs before heading back to camp

More to come of us back at camp! 

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